December Writing Challenge

Welcome to my December writing challenge! Everyday I will pull a tarot card with the intent to write a short story based on it in some fashion. I will post the card I pulled, a basic meaning, and then a short description of the short story I am writing with it. For more information about card meaning please see Biddy Tarot.

Day 1

3 Wands Reversed

Key words/meaning: playing small, lacking foresight, unexpected delays

Additional information:  Represents a personal journey with frustration, creative blockages, and delays. A feeling of wasting time and setbacks can feel like the journey is fruitless but then you realize everything is contributing to the personal development. Solution is to break the task into smaller pieces and have alternative plans “just in case.”

Prompt Choices: Write whatever your intuition calls to you to write when you look at the card or write a story based on the description above.

My Story: Tymer finds a new path to help her cope after a tragedy threatens to swallow her forever. She uses the help of her friend and her photography to help her along the way. 

Day 2

Key Words/Meaning: beginnings,innocence, spontaneity,  a free spirit

Additional Information: Follow heart no matter how crazy it seems, anything can happen, wonderment

Prompt Ideas:  Use keys words in your story, whatever the card brings to mind, a journey of wonderment

My story: Brooklyn ends up on a flight to Denmark accidentally. The story is her adventure in Scandinavian in December. 

Day 3: 

Key Words/Meaning: Control/willpower/success with action/determination

Additional Information: Decisions need to be in alignment with values and the action. Focus needs to be there because there will be lots of obstacles. Stick to the plan no matter what. Be BOLD – have faith!

Prompt Ideas

My Story: Pearl is taking a road trip to Colorado to pursue a passion that no one thinks she should. She is in trouble with the law, but it isn’t her fault.

Day 4:

Two cards insisted on being pulled!