Deliberate Writing Practice

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With the month of May devoted to writing daily short stories, I am also reflecting on my process daily trying to hone the practice. I always write with the purpose of becoming a better writer. I try to learn from the reading that I do and from the writing gurus I listen to. Most of this practice is one-sided as most of my writing resources are not real-life connections. I do have the benefit of Twitter and some writers group meetings this month which I am eternally grateful for.

I usually use feedback or an exercise in mind when I am writing. I have the advantage of podcasts at my fingertips, interaction with writers on Twitter, and special May video prompts and directions for writing.

My free writing exercises are never just pointless rambling anymore. I take the writing time seriously and the practice has become much more to me than just getting words on the page. I want the word count but also desire the content on the page to be worth reading. It is not always usable at that moment but can be saved away for another day, another story.

At this point in the month, I feel like my creative well is drying up slightly. I am still writing but it takes me longer and longer throughout the day. I also am aware that the craziness of the end of the school year looms in the shadows as well. There are some other frustrations in my life in regards to transitions that are wearing on me which is draining. Waiting for answers is never a fun place to be in, but one I find myself in often.

I am looking forward to summer when I can focus on some books that will lead me through some writing exercises so I can become a better writer for me, my audience, and my students.

Happy writing and reading everyone!



May Day #SOL18

db4de-slice-of-life_individualOne of my favorite writing prompts I use on May 1 is:

Finish this sentence: One day MAYbe…

How would you finish this sentence today? Please reply in the comments!

One day MAYbe I will see my name with my short story in an anthology with other short story writers!

One day MAYbe I will take a walk in the sunshine in May in Indiana! (Today might be that day)

One day MAYbe I will work my 6 pack abs back in shape!

In other news…

I am participating in STORYADAY May! So excited! If you would like to see the Day 1  prompt from Julie Duffy click here.



Happy writing today! And yes, I do like exclamation marks today – I do like May.