Have You Read This Story?

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I love the red bookmark in the above picture. There is something centering about it.

Have you read this story? You should.

God Is a Twelve Year Old Girl

Have you read this story yet?

The Secret Lives of the Nine Negro Teeth of George Washington

Have you read this story yet?

Ironic Honeymoon

What about this one?

Joan of Arc Sits Naked in Her Dorm Room

Full Moon Inspiration

I love the website Writer Unboxed. They have an exciting conference in November I am hoping to get to as well in Salem, MA. I visited there while I was in the area for the Boston Marathon in 2012 and it has a hold on me.

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Today’s Writer Unboxed post is written by
Leigh Medeiros . There is a little writing contest attached as well which you can read here.

The prompt she shared from her new book intrigued me and I wrote this story for it. I am crossing my fingers I win her new book!


Two people are falling in love – literally. Pen a short existential tale about a couple who falls in love while endlessly falling through the sky.

Plummet to Death or Love – I Don’t Care for Either One

I cannot believe you talked me into this.

I glare at him but he had no idea what I am thinking. The grin on his face is so large his eyes look beady. Like a mole.

We are done after this. SO done.

My fear keeps me laughing at the wrong time but no one can hear me since the plane engine is so loud.

The instructor yells, “ON 3! 1,2,3, GO!

I scream now and I bet all of Pasadena can hear me.

His buttery face is still grinning. The more elated he gets causes the opposite effect on me.

The force of us hurtling toward the ground – and our deaths I am sure of it causes his face to look like play-doh pummeled against the wall repeatedly by a kid. It is not a good look. Gross.

The hate for him is in my throat for making me jump…

The landscape is so pretty from this altitude.

My heart is pumping so hard I bet I am burning major calories!

I am kinda enjoying myself.

He really looks like a big kid with his flight suit rippling like a flag in a windstorm.

My love who fancies himself an astronaut. This is the closest he is gonna get.

Isn’t there a phenomenon where fear makes you fall in love?


A Revisit

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After some reflection, I realized I was introduced to short stories back in high school. In one of my English classes, we read The Celestial Omnibus by E.M. Forster and it has always stuck with me. I have reread it over the years several times. There is always something new that pops out to me each time. It was my introduction to magical realism and short story done well.

If you would like to read it you can find a copy here.

The beginning paragraph has always been a section I reread even when I do not have time to read the whole story.

The boy who resided at Agathox Lodge, 28, Buckingham Park Road, Surbiton, had often been puzzled by the old sign-post that stood almost opposite. He asked his mother about it, and she replied that it was a joke, and not a very nice one, which had been made many years back by some naughty young men, and that the police ought to remove it. For there were two strange things about this sign-post: firstly, it pointed up a blank alley, and, secondly, it had painted on it in faded characters, the words, “To Heaven.”

I did not know what an omnibus was and remember being glad this description was written in the story:

It had two horses, whose sides were still smoking from their journey, and its two great lamps shone through the fog against the alley’s walls, changing their cobwebs and moss into tissues of fairyland. The driver was huddled up in a cape. He faced the blank wall, and how he had managed to drive in so neatly and so silently was one of the many things that the boy never discovered. Nor could he imagine how ever he would drive out.

It is a story full of adventure and imagination! I highly recommend it.