3-2-1 Creative Sparks

3 Things to Read

Article about wedding dress shopping

Short Story: ALICE

Self Care – a Different spin


Inside the Box by Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenberg

…the majority of new, inventive, and successful products result from only five templates: subtraction, division, multiplication, task unification, and attribute dependency. These templates form the basis of the innovation method called Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT).

Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

Making a book is a little like making a chair. Perhaps it ought to come with warnings, like the chair instructions. A folded piece of paper slipped into each copy, warning us: “Only for one person at a time.” “Do not use as a stool or a stepladder.” “Failure to follow these warnings can result in serious injury.”

1 Recipe to Try

I cannot recommend this recipe enough! Chicken Pot Pie

3-2-1 Creative Sparks

It is Thursday! Time for inspiration!

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3 Podcasts

The Secret Library Podcast – Judy Reeves

I love Judy Reeves and have several of her books and kits. This is a great interview about writing groups.


I listen to this podcast right away when it comes into my feed. This episode is about the story framework which is a great prompt.

The Ground Up Show

I love this episode of the Ground Up Show. I have not listened to more yet but I am now subscribed in my podcast app.

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