One Word

From BOHO Berry

I have a hard time using just one word for just about anything. I have chosen a word to represent some of my goals over the past couple of years. In 2017 I chose two words: create and inspire. In 2018 it was BE. I struggled with last year’s word. I could add words after BE – Be BOLD, Be Truthful, etc. .

With that in mind, I wanted 2019’s word to be more impactful and to represent my mindset so I can carry it with me.  As I was waking this morning, the perfect word came to me:


I want to be more open and available. The last week has been packed full but I went into a workshop hoping to become a better coach and I came out as a better person. I gained knowledge for sure (and several resources – whoo hoo) but the connections I made and the deep conversations I would have never anticipated. Wow. I am still awed at the experience.

This is the YEAR OF YES for me! I am excited  for the unknown!


How I Get Stuff Done


I have been listening to several productivity podcasts lately and have been contemplating what I do to get things done.

Here is my list for BE productive:

  1. I have a coffee ritual in the morning. I start my morning with my coffee and a slow movement out of the bed. If I do not do this routine I feel off for the rest of my day. The minimum time is 15 minutes
  2. I listen to my daily curated list podcasts on the way into work. I make notes of takeaways I want to remember and books or websites I want to look up later. Library holds are made if I can.
  3. I have to do a little bit of reading every day and a little bit of writing. Sometimes the writing looks like dictation into the phone app.
  4. When I arrive to my office, the projects I have to get done that day are scribed into my bullet journal and time blocks are set to work on them.
  5. For larger projects I have to get done that I’m having trouble focusing on, I will use the Pomodoro method which is extremely effective. I should use this technique more often!
  6. If I remember something that needs to be done I send myself an email from the car with a voice dictation.
  7. I feel better when I can run outside as opposed to running at the gym. The running keeps me mentally focused.
  8. My phone is almost always on silent so that I can not be distracted by it. I check it when I want to,  not when someone else deems it their priority.

What are your productivity hacks?

Intentionality & Challenges #oneword

My word of 2018 is BE.

Why BE? It is the beginning of a two-word sentence. Today I will focus on


I have been thinking about being intentional especially in the month of April in my professional and personal life.

I am excited by month-long challenges. I listen to and read Rachael Herron’s year long “replenish the well” quest she is undergoing at the present time with a hint of envy. You can read her monthly essays by following her on Patreon. You can also hear her talk about it occasionally on her podcast.

I also was inspired by Educators are Awakeners blogger Shawn. She has set a daily goal for herself centered around a theme for the next year. I may borrow some of her ideas for my own after May!

My Recent Challenges:

March was Slice of Life for the Two Writing Teachers blog. I continue to link in the comments to the Slice of Life Tuesday post on their site. This Tuesday routine is a year long challenge.

April is #Campnanowrimo . I have intentionally planned the month to write my professional education book. I finally was able to love a format inspired by Rachael Herrons Memoir book. The writing project is a mix of memoir and lesson plans.

April is also poetry month. I usually do something with students and teachers with poem in your pocket. I have found several blogs with poems a day including Ralph Fletcher and Jason Reynolds. I will also distribute well loved poems to students and teachers the rest of the month.

May this year will be Storyaday from Julie Duffy’s site. Her podcast and blog are at the top of my list of favorites for sure. She was just featured in Writer’s Digest magazine as well.

I am intentionally setting daily goals for writing and reading and it makes me happy and in a really great mood.

The blocked writing time will mainly be used for the book but I will blog some too when I have something intentional to say.

Other thoughts: I have been thinking about Coaching Cycles a lot over the past week as well. There is no set cycle in my district but after a conversation with another coach we are thinking about accountability. As I have written about before, a lot of coaching is conversation. I struggle with the amount of paperwork I should impose on myself to keep track of my work. So I am thinking about needs in my school and a way track and measure growth without a formal evaluation as part of my coaching role. Questioning is a favorite topic of mine and a research based strategy. I am thinking of launching a questioning project when I return to school after spring break. I am excited for the possibilities for growth for my teachers and myself.

Do you enjoy challenges? What are your favorites?