FMF: Share


Thank you to Kate for hosting the 31 day FMF challenge!


It is my responsibility to share my knowledge with others.

It is my responsibility to share my experiences to inspire or help others.

When I encounter people within my day,  I need to make a conscious effort to share kindness. The idea of kindness has come up in the sharing in meetings lately which is why it is on my mind. It is a concept so many of the students do not understand because we do not use the word. They understand nice because we use it, but not the term kind. With the popularity of the book and movie Wonder there was a little more spotlight shed on the concept, but it needs to be massaged and encouraged.

Today I have to share my understanding of a concept for people that have a different viewpoint than me. We have to come together to make it work for the betterment of everyone. I am bringing doughnuts to help sweeten the journey.

How will you be kind today?