Where Does This Lead?

Where does this door lead to after you open it?


Today’s Affirmation Is…


woman wearing grey long sleeved top photography
Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com


The photo above sums up how I feel today. I am trying to be in the present moment to enjoy the view and the action of swinging,  but I am desperately afraid of falling into the fog of the unknown.

Today’s Affirmation from Savannah Gilbo is: 
All that matters is how I spend this moment. As I remain in the present moment, the past and future give way to infinite possibilities.

I wrote about authenticity today in my journal and what that means to me. I am dealing better with the idea of moving. I have to positive frame it or I will be miserable.

Moments I appreciated today:

  • I had a nice car ride with my daughter
  • I had a nice go cart ride with her too – she drove that time
  • I enjoyed a Frappicino at Starbucks purchased with a gift card I won
  • I had some time to write in a cafe which I enjoy
  • I worked out in a clean Planet Fitness
  • Lovely smelling laundry that came out of the dryer
  • I took a car load over to storage and didn’t have to unload it by myself
  • I had a nice conversation this morning with my husband before the kids woke up
  • My husband made me breakfast
  • The coffee was delicious this morning

I am about to enjoy the shower that I am about to take!!!

I need to remember that my word for 2018 is BE. Today’s affirmation is a reminder.


What moments were you present today?


Leaving is…Complicated

At the end of the month, my family and I will be leaving a house that is full of memories even though we have been here a short time.

My husband and I did quite a bit of work to the house. Some of these elements I will miss. It depends on the new space whether we eventually mimic some of the changes. Taking down wallpaper is not something I want to repeat!


I love these stairs! It took a while for the layers of paint and the trial and error for the book stripes and the lettering! I do love how they turned out. With us being a family of readers,  it was perfect. Each of the titles is significant to at least one family member too which makes it even more special.


My husband and I painted this basement more times than I can count. The floor was also a trial and error project! Overall we were really happy with how the colors turned out. The floor reminds me of sand!



This house is perfect for Christmas decorating! We moved the tree to the “red room” this year [named so for the red couch and chair in there!] With the fireplace upstairs it is very festive.


Many words have been written in this chair. Many games of hot potato have been played here too. I do love this chair. It is staying with the house, however.20180331_123241.jpg

The next house MUST have a fireplace. We love it!

Thanks for indulging me with memory lane! I woke up thinking about the stairs.


Happy Thursday!