Today Is Thursday

Cupcakes on a cake stand with sparklers

it also happens to be my birthday.

A birthday with a number that I cannot run the same amount of miles. A number that I am too old for parties. A birthday with a number that it shouldn’t matter that a small group of important people to me didn’t [and won’t] remember to text me, “Happy Birthday”. There is one person I want to hear it from but the circumstances make it impossible.

My son called to tell me the two words which was huge considering he does not like to talk on the phone. Several friends sent messages. I am not forgotten and there is a lot going on today for everyone around me. I will spend time with someone I love later and I also will celebrate tomorrow with my son with lunch and ax throwing.

It is early in the day, so this may change. And it shouldn’t bother me anyway.

There will be no cake other than the virtual ones at the top of this post. That is a good thing – I don’t need the calories. There will be drinks!

It is a regular day. I will continue to write this morning, drink my coffee, and spend the day doing things that are my favorite.

The biggest gift is that yesterday was the first day the main label I embody is WRITER. There are some loose ends that are being tied up for my coaching job, but they will be done by the end of next week.

The main task of a writer is to write, which I do every day. There are other tasks that surround my writing life. I am the leader of my own community, I teach writing classes, and I am the lead moderator for Sarah Selecky’s Centered community. I take many writing classes and I am going on a writing retreat this August. I submit my writing. As time goes on I will take on more in this area, happily.

I am thankful for the abundance and love in my life. It is a HAPPY birthday.