5 On Friday

5 on Friday

What is Saving my Life Right Now

Taking the format from Tsh-

  1. The thing that is saving my life is my fountain pen. It was recommended to me by Ninja Writer Shaunta Grimes. It is amazing and I love writing with it. It is deeply satisfying to run it out of ink.
  2. The habit that I have adopted that is saving my life is showering when I get home from work. I am able to “wash the day away” and it helps me mentally transition.
  3. The work of art that is saving my life right now is Kelly Link’s story FLYING LESSONS.
  4. A philosophy that is saving my life is: Follow the White Rabbit: Be Brave. To read my thoughts about this click here.
  5. A bonus thing that is saving my life is this episode of The Secret Library Podcast.

Fun Friday List

shallow focus photograph of woman blowing pink powder
Photo by Jakob on Pexels.com

Jobs I Have Held that Aren’t On my Current Resume

In no particular order:


Hotel desk clerk

Residence hall desk clerk


Gas station cashier

Yoga instructor

Running coach

Fun Run leader

Event/Program  planner

Professional development coordinator

Bootcamp instructor

Pampered Chef consultant

Making this list was an amusing trip down memory lane! Are there jobs you have held, NOT on your resume?

Share in the comments!

5 On Friday!

5 on Friday

Finally Friday…I usually don’t try to wish the week away but this week has had its challenges. Big ones…whew!

After listening to the Being Boss Podcast (#173 Seasonal Work and Life if you want to check it out) I started pondering about what I traditionally do each season. For me, there are beginnings and later parts of the seasons that matter and contain different actions. The Beginning part of “SPRING” (calendar spring)  in Northwest Indiana is really winter – especially this year. For you readers who follow me regularly you saw my fire and reading picture the first day of Spring Break!

Today’s 5 on Friday is a list of 5 things I will be participating in LATER Spring 2018:

  1. I am running outside again! Not as much treadmill and more sunshine! I cannot handle wind during my runs which is why I abhor Spring marathons. Windy days I choose to suffer through sprint work on the treadmill but more sun means more longer runs outside. I ran in the Indiana Dunes National Park yesterday and it was beautiful. It did feel a bit like I was rereading a favorite book I haven’t read in years while running. I didn’t remember the details of the story but memories started coming back. There were parts of the trails I felt a deja vu feeling – like when you read a page in a book and you keep thinking it is too familiar and you already read it!
  2. Grill Regularly – this one is a little bit of a cheat for me. I do not do the majority of the cooking in my house – my fantastic husband does. But I whole heartily participate in the eating! I make a killer potato salad that compliments his grilling!
  3. STORYADAY MAY – I am estatic to participate in the official community and challenge this year! If you don’t know her site you need to check out Julie Duffy. I am kicking around joining the paid community to connect with some other short story writers. If you aren’t familiar with this writing challenge, Julie asks the writer to finish a story a day in May. You can play with the rules somewhat of course. The point is to finish the stories. I had been stuck in starting tons of pieces. I challenged myself last October which rolled into NANOWRIMO.


2018StoryADaySidebar500.png4. It is time to look forward to Modern Mrs Darcy’s 2018 Summer Reading Guide! I do not know when it is going to be released but I am already ready to see it! Check out her website here.

5. It is the time of year to OPEN THE WINDOWS! Of the house, of the car, of my mind!


What are your rhythms for the spring? What do you look forward to?

5 On Friday!

5 on Friday


5 Favorite Words of the Week!

  1. milquetoast – a person that is weak and submissive

  2. metastasized – spreading of cancer

  3. plethora – an excessive amount

  4. insouciance – indifference

  5. doddering – tremble or totter, typically from old age

5 on First Friday!!

5 on Friday


  1. Rachael Herron’s new book is released on Sunday!

Fast-Draft Your Memoir: Write Your Life Story in 45 Hours by [Herron, Rachael]

You can preorder a copy here.

If you love books about writing, this is the book for you!

If you want to write a memoir, this is the book for you!

If you are a writer that doesn’t want to write a memoir, this book is for you!

It is a workshop in book form. I was lucky enough to snag a copy for review and will be posting more and a full post next week. I actually read this book and did the exercises. It motivated me to write. It reads like you and Rachael are having a conversation. Please check it out! The audio version will be out soon as well.

2. My 6 word story for today:


3. Workshop…Friday?

I participated in an AMAZING workshop today on reading, writing, and teaching. I was able to be surrounded by my tribe and talk books and writing. We talked about hopes and dreams for our students surrounded by great text and thinking. I have some great anchor charts on my wall now too!

Reading Is THINKING!


4. Extraordinary Exit Ticket from Lisa Vahey

Using an index card there are two acronyms to reflect:




5. Daily Poem

This week I started writing a poem throughout the day. I am capturing what is happening with a poetic phrase or two.

Feb 2

It’s Groundhog Day.

It’s Groundhog Day.

6 more weeks of winter

I am ok with that.

Not such a bright moon as yesterday.

My tribe.

Too many directions.

But happy glitter is on the floor.


Have a great weekend everyone!