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Are you Ready to Generate FABULOUS FLASH FICTION?

This unique flash writing workshop is built for beginning to advanced writers who want to generate short pieces of fiction.

The class will begin with a 2 hour live Zoom meeting discussing flash and techniques. Then in an online platform daily prompts will be given over the course of several days.

Pieces will be written and shared in a private forum. Classmates will give helpful feedback following guidelines in order to create a well-rounded experience. 

Tentative dates are June 9th-13th, 2021.

$75.00 for A live start, write in, 4 days of prompts, feedback, and private forum!

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Have you accumulated pages and pages of freewrites?

Sarah Selecky, Natalie Goldberg, Julia Cameron all ask us to freewrite, but they can pile up!
Let me provide you techniques to navigate these words of yours and turn them into something better.

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I am Tammy L. Breitweiser The Accidental Inspirationalist who writes, educates, and coaches. 

I inspire others to read, write and converse because curiosity compels them to do so. I provide resources and space for people to follow their inspiration.

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Flash Fiction Class coming soon: June 2021


How to Get Your Inner Child to Write

What People are Saying


Middle School ELA Teacher

Tammy and I co-taught a lesson teaching theme during one of my classes and it was one of the most engaging co-taught lessons that I’ve ever seen. She creates exciting experiences for the students as well as the teachers. She is also an amazing leader. It was known across the school that if you had a question Tammy definitely would know the answer and she would be more than willing to help you. She also led numerous engaging PLCs and Workshop Wednesdays (trainings for teachers) that equipped teachers with not only a new set of tools to use in their classrooms, but also the confidence to effectively utilize these tools.

Tammy’s time as an instructional coach had a tremendous positive impact on not just my pedagogy, but on the entire school. She created a writing group for the 7th graders and they absolutely loved it. The students were able to participate in enrichment activities outside of the classroom. She was able to get students excited about reading, writing, and even data. Tammy has been one of the best assets to our school.


Middle School Math Teacher

I worked with Tammy Breitweiser as a curriculum coach. She assisted me in implementing higher level thinking skills, as well as specific strategies to help make my classroom more successful. I felt that with her help, I was able to implement these different strategies and be successful from the preparation she gave. She would always follow up and make sure that things were going well and I truly felt that she cared about my success and the success of my students. 


Sixth Grade Teacher

Tammy was my coach during one of the most difficult times of my life. My first year of teaching. Her insight and advice proved invaluable to me as I struggled with crippling anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and finding meaning and purpose in my life. Tammy has the kind of intuition that you only develop after years of life giving conversations and relationships. She knows people, and sometimes better than they know themselves. If you’re looking for growth, spend some time with Tammy, and you’ll turn decades into days. She specializes in practical advice that you can use NOW.