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One. I am one, but I am not alone.

The story I read last evening at writing group called One of One. It is a story about grief and facing the perceptions of others. It was the largest group for this writer organization that I have seen since I joined last summer.

Starting at 2:25 p.m. today, I have ONE week of holiday break for Thanksgiving. I plan to read and write over this holiday in between bites of turkey, stuffing, corn bake,  and pumpkin pie. I will spend the time with my family and am thrilled.

In an 8th grade English class today, I’m reading for her program FIRST CHAPTER FRIDAY. The book is The Running Dream by  Wendelin Van Draanen. I am also reading ONE poem from Mary Oliver, The Sun. 

The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

One. I am ONE, but I am not alone. 


Writing Update/Inspiration

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Inspiration Number 1

I participated in a virtual write-in on Thursday evening for NaNoWriMo. My online writing group who is awesome were on a Zoom call all together. If you haven’t ever used Zoom it is a video conference call free program. It is nice to be able to see everyone. There is a chat feature and video and audio controls as well.

We logged in, chatted a few minutes, and then got to writing. We did two 15 minute sprints. It is nice to write with people that you know. It is a comfort somehow that we are not alone. It was also oddly comforting to hear the clicking of other people’s keyboards.

Encouragement from my tribe is a good thing. They help me along.

Inspiration Number 2

I read a story but Kimberly Lojewski today about a hot air balloon, a strange island, and treasure called About The Hiding Of Buried Treasure. It is so well written and fun! 

Inspiration Number 3

I had my 7th-grade writers group Thursday and they were wonderful! I started with them filling out a card with the sentence stem: I WISH PEOPLE KNEW… The responses were honest and raw.

Then we wrote to my prompt of requiring 4 words to be a major part of the story. The writing was the best I have seen from them. 

If you would like a link to the cards I created just click below:

Writing Prompt Card

Writing Prompt Card 2

Writing Prompt Card 3

Writing Prompt Card 4

Happy Writing!

FMF: Burden




Everyone carries some type of burden. Sometimes they manifest as heavy ideas and struggles that affect our moods, decisions, and actions. I have recently left a long season of heavy burden and obstacles. I have carried some of them so long that the lifting and releasing of them has caused the happy outcome renewed mental and physical energy. I will gladly take this energy, even if it is not a daily occurrence.

The burden I feel now is what my next right thing will be. I sense a large positive change is coming. My intuition is tingling. The nature of this next thing is unclear. My focus has changed slightly professionally and I feel a new opportunity is in the wings. I am staying open and not burdening myself with the same old patterns of how I react of events in the past. There is new NOW and I need to honor it.

Part of my current job is to navigate around other people’s burdens – personal and professional.  I have been taking an online class to help aid me to be a more effective coach. I am reflecting and becoming more aware of how I react to others.

I am taking advantage of this period of rest before a delicious storm where I will catch lightning in a jar. I will harness this power and use it in a positive way.


In November…


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In November…

I am looking forward to my favorite holiday: THANKSGIVING! I love the dinner and everything about it. I am off the whole week this year and am super excited to be at home with family.


In November…

I am participating in NANOWRIMO or National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to complete a 50,000-word manuscript by the end of the month by writing about 1700 words a day. I have been a rebel in the past by writing short stories but this time I am working with a novel concept. I wrote 1715 words yesterday. When I woke up I must admit I was not too excited about my novel idea but after I got started and changed the opening scene it flowed pretty well. As a stalling tactic, I revised 2 short stories that didn’t count towards my word count.

In November…

I am allowing myself NOT to write my novel in order. It is my process and I can do what I want!

In November…

I had played with the idea of using Scrivener, but even after watching a couple get started videos I cannot get the trial version to behave for me so Google Docs it is!

In November…

I am going to finish watching the series The Haunting of Hill House which is amazing!

In November…

my handle at NANOWRIMO is @tbreit


What are you doing in November!?




FMF: Audience

target audience

Who is my audience? I guess it depends on what I am writing. I write for myself, fellow writers, teachers, and students. Professional work in education is mostly for educators but some pieces can do double duty. I do enjoy writing with students and for students as well. I hope that my personal work will be likable for others. I have beta readers that I write for or least have in mind when I write certain stories.

I am not sure I am always worried about audience to be honest. I know I have a certain style for writing and know that it won’t be to everyone’s liking. I am ok with that. I hope that people like it.

In my job, I feel like I perform a lot. Teaching isn’t just about content knowledge it is about presentation. “You aren’t selling the steak – you are selling the sizzle,” my husband always says.

This type of performance can sometimes take its toll on me though. It exhausts me. If I have too much peopleing then it can take me days to recover. Writing helps for sure. It is my therapy in a way.

I am quite breakable so I am careful with audience. I feel like I am on an emotional edge most of the time. I am always waiting for the other shoes to metaphorically drop.

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FMF: Help



Help can be expensive – or so it can appear to be.

I was listening to the Pivot Podcast yesterday during my run and Jenny Blake and her guest were talking about how we outsource all types of services in our lives and have no conscious thoughts about it. They help us and we pay for them and that is seen as normal. What does not seem to be normal is for people to pay for services when they need time to pursue a passion. Or that the expectations are that if you can do it yourself you should.

Services we outsource:

We don’t churn our own butter.

We don’t sew our own clothes.

We don’t deliver our own mail.

No one can be an expert in everything. Sometimes we need time to focus on what we are good at. That might look like hiring an accountant so we don’t have to take 5 hours to do something an expert can do in 30 minutes. That might look like child care so you can write for 2 hours straight.

Sometimes we might barter for time.

We need to remember that it is not weak to ask for help. This is as much a reminder to myself as to you dear reader!

Happy Monday!

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Every October 20, NCTE celebrates the importance, joy, and evolution of writing through a tweetup, using the hashtag #WhyIWrite and events hosted by thousands of educators across the country. [… In 2016] there were more than 60,000+ tweets with a reach of millions of people. The hashtag #WhyIWrite trended on Twitter all day long and was even featured in Entertainment Weekly.



Why do you write?

FMF: Five Minute Friday Landing Page

writing prompts

I have been writing with the prompts every day but do not always post to the blog. If you click on the highlighted day and word you can read the post related to that freewrite.

Day 1: Story

Day 2: Afraid

Day 3: Believe

Day 4: Why

Day 5: Share

Day 6: Belong

Day 7: Hope

Day 8: Comfort

Day 9: Inspire

Day 10: How

Day 11: Door

Day 12: Praise

Day 13: Talk

Day 14: Ask

Day 15: When

Day 16: Pray

Day 17: Pause

Day 18: Search

Day 19: Who

Day 20: Audience

Day 21: Start

Day 22: Help

Day 23: Common

Day 24: Brief

Day 25: Capture

Day 26: Moment

Day 27: Whole

Day 28: Song

Day 29: Together

Day 30: Voice

Day 31: Close




FMF: Door



I am fascinated by doors. My writer friend Marian Allen posts doors almost every Thursday. I look for those posts to come into my email feed.

Doors are openings to possibilities.

Doors protect you.

Sometimes we aren’t sure when we are looking at doors whether it is the front or the back. Sometimes it doesn’t matter.

Sometimes following the white rabbit means you have to go through a door and you are not sure what is on the other side. We must be brave.

Doors can also be obstacles. I have been stressed lately and my left eye has been twitching for days. This is never a good sign for me personally. I am trying to figure out what to positively embrace, what I can control and where I need to ask for help.

If I knock on your door, I might need help. Please be kind.


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