#FMF Observant


Every Friday I write for 5 minutes using Kate’s Prompt. You can find her here.

Sometimes I post my words.

Observant: Set the timer and GO

When am I observant? Always. I am always looking for details and patterns. It is the way I am designed. I love the nuance of people, even though I struggle with the time I am around them sometimes. I am continually making notes and saving them for later. I have notebooks of saved ponderings. Sometimes I have done since I can remember. I record how people speak and stand. I notice how the lists come out and in what order. I log the taste of coffee and how close cars get to me on my daily walks. I think about the scratch of the pen and how a student chose Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in class the day before.

Lately I have been observing myself. Examining why I react now at 46 how I do. Some behaviors I have traced back to single digit ages. I am suspicious of compliments and questions that have no context.

I am observant of dreams. A new process brought to me that I am unpacking the symbols and what associations I have. I observe to construct my own understanding.

I have been observing that I am processing out loud much more often than normal. Is this partly because of the pandemic? I am uncertain yet. I will keep observing and see what emerges.

After all, I can’t help myself.

Sunday Wordshare

What word would you share with me today?

A practice I have learned from Julie Paul is to use your writing community to create a word bank. In her world, she exchanges 10 minute writings with her group. You can use each word on its own or gather a group and write from them.

I have been using words from others to write for the last several days. I also used it with my PUSH group last week.

Please share a word in the comments.

Use the words – use mine – use all that is shared!

I would love to hear how it goes for you!