What are you currently obsessed with?

Have you heard of a Personal Universe Deck?

My fellow blogger over at ARHtistic License posted about it.  It is my new obsession.

For a Personal Universe Deck you make a deck of 100 words that represents your past, present, and future. The rule is that you have to choose words that sound beautiful together. You include words that are represented by the 5 senses.

You can use them for your own writing sprints or poetry.

Today I share 4 of my words. I wrote a poem with them today.

What will you write?

Have you made a personal universe deck? Do you want to????

Here is a link with the rules!

All you need is 50 index cards. I would love to know if this idea appeals to you too! Let me know in the comments.

#FMF Observant


Every Friday I write for 5 minutes using Kate’s Prompt. You can find her here.

Sometimes I post my words.

Observant: Set the timer and GO

When am I observant? Always. I am always looking for details and patterns. It is the way I am designed. I love the nuance of people, even though I struggle with the time I am around them sometimes. I am continually making notes and saving them for later. I have notebooks of saved ponderings. Sometimes I have done since I can remember. I record how people speak and stand. I notice how the lists come out and in what order. I log the taste of coffee and how close cars get to me on my daily walks. I think about the scratch of the pen and how a student chose Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in class the day before.

Lately I have been observing myself. Examining why I react now at 46 how I do. Some behaviors I have traced back to single digit ages. I am suspicious of compliments and questions that have no context.

I am observant of dreams. A new process brought to me that I am unpacking the symbols and what associations I have. I observe to construct my own understanding.

I have been observing that I am processing out loud much more often than normal. Is this partly because of the pandemic? I am uncertain yet. I will keep observing and see what emerges.

After all, I can’t help myself.

Sunday Wordshare

What word would you share with me today?

A practice I have learned from Julie Paul is to use your writing community to create a word bank. In her world, she exchanges 10 minute writings with her group. You can use each word on its own or gather a group and write from them.

I have been using words from others to write for the last several days. I also used it with my PUSH group last week.

Please share a word in the comments.

Use the words – use mine – use all that is shared!

I would love to hear how it goes for you!