#Write28Days: BEGIN

I used to read a book to my elementary students called Begin at the Beginning. I am going to use this challenge this loving month of February to explore some creative ideas I want to push forward using the prompts as inspiration.

I want to begin a purposeful gathering for adults. I have too many drawers open at one time in my brain, and too many interests so confining the gatherings to one type is not what I envision.

I envision some of the gatherings being

  • dinners
  • informational sessions
  • think tanks
  • an idea generators
  • literary societies
  • writing gatherings
  • silent book club
  • conversation club
  • short story analysis
  • book swaps

I am just at the beginning, but it is an exciting time!

What do you think of these ideas? Which ones resonate with you?

Winter Wet Flash Fiction Contest

If you enjoy flash fiction take a moment and stop by the Indies Unlimited site today and vote for your favorite story for this week’s picture prompt. There are some great ones this week and voting is open until the end of the day today! Of course, if you think mine is the best I would be honored if you voted for my story.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Winter Wet Flash

Here is my flash fiction piece inspired by the photo below and Indies Unlimited.

Photo copyright K. S. Brooks. Do not use without attribution.

Mama would forgive a lot of actions, but muddy boots through her house was not one of them. She would get over my tone, or my back talk but not mud footprints laced with blood on the floorboards of the shack.

Mama’s moods were like that. They made no sense.

I had been walking what felt like days, trying to muster the courage to face her.

She wouldn’t trade muddy prints for me leaving easily but it was time.

It was the one decision I was gonna make in my whole life that went against her. I had carried all the curses from my family and it was time to come clean.

I stood in the doorway facing her back stirring the venison stew.

“I’m not coming back. Authorities will find me here and I cannot put you in danger.”

I saw her spine tighten and her stirring hand holding the spoon become a fist. She couldn’t punch the stew but she could punch me , which shaded my choice of staying put.

“I have to Mama. I have carried the curse and I have to break it.”

“This isn’t the way,” she whispered to the ceiling.

I waited.

“Are you comin in to eat?” She turned and looked at me from top to bottom settling on my boots.

“Too much mud,” I turned to leave.

FMF: Better


Welcome to the Five Minute Friday! Set the timer for 5 minutes and share on the site.

I am always striving to be a better person by learning something new or to deepen the knowledge I already have.

Lifelong learning is a component of my work life, but it is not just something that sounds great in an interview – it is a fundamental belief of mine. One that I share with others. So, being better is part of making other people’s lives better as well. This encompasses committing to becoming better at connecting with people which requires vulnerability on my part and being less judgmental. All of these factors lead to better listening. What listening looks like to me is paying attention, not thinking something else, and being present in the moment.

But isn’t that what life is all about? Being better?

Better just doesn’t happen on its own – there has to be a plan. You can’t just miracle it! Questions, reflection, writing, meditation, and journaling are all part of the process.