20 Little Joys

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com
  1. Blogging and connecting with people
  2. Cheap materials for at home games – amazing what you can do with a bunch of SOLO cups!
  3. Running outside in the fall
  4. Hot dark coffee
  5. Fresh baked bread
  6. Twitter community
  8. The Next Right Thing podcast from Emily P. Freeman
  9. Clothes that smell like fabric softener
  10. Chicken pita for dinner with cucumber and garlic herb chicken – YUM!
  11. SmartWool socks
  12. Doc Martin shoes and boots
  13. A surprise 2 hour delay!
  14. A bonus or new episode on your favorite podcasts
  15. My fountain pen
  16. Jokes among a small specific group of friends
  17. Sharing your writing and having people respond positively
  18. The possibility of getting into a writing class you REALLY want
  19. Minnesota
  20. LOVE

What brings you joy?


December Is For…

December is for:

  1. Playing in the snow
  2. Writing everyday
  3. Cozying up with a book
  4. Deep conversations
  5. Great food
  6. Fun with family
  7. SNOW DAYS! (hopefully!)
  8. Decorating
  9. Feeling grateful
  10. BLOGMAS! (A blogger challenge where bloggers have a month of Holiday themed posts! I will be linking to some favorites later this month)

Thankful #SOL18

My Regular Run Route on the Bike Trail

I am thankfully off this week from work. The days are for rest, reading, fun,  and writing. Last weekend, the family played homemade Jeopardy and Pictionary. The children even made questions to test the parents knowledge of our children. We rocked it of course!

This morning I watched Friends show bloopers and laughed harder than I have laughed in a long while. The laugh that feels like you are doing an ab workout.

I am thankful for time and weather to allow me to run. I have logged 10 miles in two days. I forget how the runs fuel my creative mind. I thought of poem lines, new clubs for school, an ending for my novel, and other essay topics. 

I am thankful for my writing. I am to 35,000 words for my NANOWRIMO which is National Novel Writing Month.

I am not just thankful this week. I am thankful every week. This week allows me to be extra thankful for what I have in my life. 

What are you thankful for?

5 On Friday

5 on Friday

What is Saving my Life Right Now

Taking the format from Tsh-

  1. The thing that is saving my life is my fountain pen. It was recommended to me by Ninja Writer Shaunta Grimes. It is amazing and I love writing with it. It is deeply satisfying to run it out of ink.
  2. The habit that I have adopted that is saving my life is showering when I get home from work. I am able to “wash the day away” and it helps me mentally transition.
  3. The work of art that is saving my life right now is Kelly Link’s story FLYING LESSONS.
  4. A philosophy that is saving my life is: Follow the White Rabbit: Be Brave. To read my thoughts about this click here.
  5. A bonus thing that is saving my life is this episode of The Secret Library Podcast.

Grateful Tuesday

autumn decoration fall field
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  1. Writer friends that talk writing

Superstars from Storyaday

My real life group that meets at the library

Other writers that are not connected

2. Beta readers

It is nice to have someone to trust

3. Skype and Zoom

4. Fall flavored coffee – Starbucks Fall Blend – Hearty with Spice Notes

5. The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle

6. Writer notebooks

7. Stories

8. Cooler temps – thankful it is October!

9. Libraries

10. Love and acceptance


What is something you are thankful for today?



2 Strategies to Increase Happiness!

Permission and Gratitude


Kim Strobel is a Happiness Consultant that I was excited to hear speak on Sept 15. Her company is called Strobel Education and she talks about a variety of topics.

There were two big takeaways from this session which is relevant to today because there are things that are already starting to unravel! It is too early in the school year for that jazz!!!


Increase Your Happiness – Strategy 1: Permission Slips

This one actually comes from Brene Brown – to write your self a permission slip like when you were in elementary school and going on a field trip.

So right now…on a post-it note write:

I give myself permission…



Increase Your Happiness – Strategy 2: Gratitude

On a different post-it note write 3 things you are grateful for – right now! The research shows 3 is the magic number – just like in writing.


What are your permissions to yourself and your gratitude list?





Fusing My Life Bubbles

brick brickwall brickwork cement
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I was supposed to be moving to a new house this weekend.

Now I am not.

The circumstances are out of my control, BUT I cannot get past the fact that THIS move was supposed to be smooth. It was supposed to be an easy transition with little strife and stress.

I have moved too many times in the last 4 years. With those moves and life changes comes reflection. I love freewriting and use it as a technique often when I am stuck or just don’t know what I want to write for that day’s writing session.

Two the freewrites I keep coming back to are:

“What do I value in my life?”


“What are the critical attributes of a good life?”

Coupled with those questions are the ideas of what I value in a place to live. The thought that occurred to me is: Why do I keep coming back to this topic of life and home?

I keep writing about living and what I value but why?  Do I keep revisiting this topic because I think my answers or beliefs are in a state of flux and the answers will be different than last time? Do I deep down think that my ideas are somehow wrong?

I think the real culprit is I keep hoping there is an attribute I am missing. That there is something on the edge of my understanding that I cannot see yet and will be revealed to me when my mind is racing and the ink is flowing from my pen. There are many things that I do not understand about life. This fact has become abundantly clear especially the last few years.

Now I must find a new place to live. What do I want? The list seems simple enough:


A nice kitchen with a full-size gas stove

Some wood floors

Lots of light


Trees and a lake

At least 3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms



What is in your ideal living space?

Happy Fourth of July!!!

A beach poem…

The Dunes

The sand smelled fresh
Not humid, damp, and stale
No food smells permeate
The air cleaned by the sun
The bad ions evaporate by the rays.

Tall stairs to the sky

Overlook the tops of trees

Living there for hundreds of years Guarding the sand and the water.
The dunes are mighty

But can be taken down by man, wind, and their best friend the water.

Giving Up Part 2 #SOL18


To continue my ponderings on time I have been evaluating more about the people in my life. Even though there are many people I genuinely care about, I don’t usually choose to spend time with them. Sometimes I’m not sure why. There are times I choose to invest the time and the output results are rejuvenation, excitement and a distinct feeling it was time well spent. On the opposite of the spectrum, if I have a couple encounters with a particular group of people where I don’t feel fulfilled then I start to question whether I should spend any time with them at all. The strange notion here, is typically I don’t look at this from an emotional standpoint, I look at this from purely from an input/ output perspective which makes it feel wrong to me in some way. I am an INTJ, which I think contributes to this issue.

Continuing the ponderings about STUFF – The years before I divorced I had self-imposed a massive purge on the belongings in my house. We lived in a house approximately 2700 square feet and had become the dumping ground for other people’s cast-offs. By the time I moved out, the number of belongings was minimal in comparison to what I owned before. Then the circumstances dictated I move three more times within a short period of time which required more purging. Most of the books still remained!

For roughly the last two years I’ve been living in a house with 4 children (shared) on and off and a husband and we have accumulated the things that are necessary to live in a house and to decorate it. When we began the packing process the boxes started adding up at an alarming rate but without much furniture. The house we rented came with some lovely antique furniture that we treasure while we had the change. I was truly surprised at the amount of stuff we have accumulated.

This is simply one of the systemic cycles I navigate through.

I purge.

I accumulate.

I purge.

I move

It starts again.

I try to be very conscientious of what comes into the house. To be honest, the last 2 years there have been very few disposable income purchases because there has been no money for it.

So the question of the day is: What is worth keeping?

I believe in resale shops, thrift stores, and Goodwill purchases. I also believe in donating all the purge items when I am in that part of the cycle. However, when you find yourself in a temporary dwelling that is not your own, you do not have the need for furniture and certain household items. To purchase all of it again would be silly when we find our next home. So then comes the dilemma – the consideration is made for what you pay for storage as opposed to how much the items you are storing are worth. Monetarily if I purchased it all at the second-hand store it would cost me more to store it then it would compared to what I paid for it. I do not have an emotional attachment to it either. There is the cost of the time and energy to move these items as well.

Furniture was therefore abandoned.

Let the next cycle of purging begin! I do not want to move all these boxes to the next house!

blur color conceptual cube
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My question to you today is: What is something you may not have paid much money for,  but you are willing to shoulder other costs to be able to keep it?

Today’s Affirmation Is…


woman wearing grey long sleeved top photography
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The photo above sums up how I feel today. I am trying to be in the present moment to enjoy the view and the action of swinging,  but I am desperately afraid of falling into the fog of the unknown.

Today’s Affirmation from Savannah Gilbo is: 
All that matters is how I spend this moment. As I remain in the present moment, the past and future give way to infinite possibilities.

I wrote about authenticity today in my journal and what that means to me. I am dealing better with the idea of moving. I have to positive frame it or I will be miserable.

Moments I appreciated today:

  • I had a nice car ride with my daughter
  • I had a nice go cart ride with her too – she drove that time
  • I enjoyed a Frappicino at Starbucks purchased with a gift card I won
  • I had some time to write in a cafe which I enjoy
  • I worked out in a clean Planet Fitness
  • Lovely smelling laundry that came out of the dryer
  • I took a car load over to storage and didn’t have to unload it by myself
  • I had a nice conversation this morning with my husband before the kids woke up
  • My husband made me breakfast
  • The coffee was delicious this morning

I am about to enjoy the shower that I am about to take!!!

I need to remember that my word for 2018 is BE. Today’s affirmation is a reminder.


What moments were you present today?