Sunday Delights

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There is delight in Sundays. Even during the quarantine, Sunday feels different. Time is a unique component to life. It flows or it stalls.

Sundays are for looking forward and looking back. These are things that happen no other time of the week. Sundays used to be for running long with friends. It was my worship. Now it is a time for reflection.

Sundays are for being outside in nature. Today I went for my walk. I didn’t worry about running today. I enjoyed the sun on my face. The feeling of health and being smaller. Today marks day 24 of my health program “Back to Zero.” I need to get back into a size zero which is what this means. I am in the process of losing the weight I have gained over the last couple of years and the quarantine.

But on my walk today I felt tired. I had thought if it had rained, I would have not gone. I actually went the longest mileage I have all week today. A friend reminded me, “You’re waterproof, you know. Rain is no excuse.” I remember after she types this that I have run most of my running races in rain. In fact, a half marathon was delayed for rain. It totally messed my race up.

Sundays are for reading. I look forward to the Sunday newsletter from my friend Jenna. There is always thoughtful and insightful sentences from her. It makes me think. It often inspires my own writing. I am also reading Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins, and Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

Sunday is for planning for the week. I do my Janning (journaling and planning together). I look at the items on the calendar and write about how I can make them all level 10. I anticipate the things that can mess it up and formulate a plan. I make an action items list.

Sundays are for writing. Every day in my world is for writing but Sunday is the day I write my weekend coffee share. It is my virtual cup of coffee with my friends. I reflect on the week I have had. Sometimes it is just a list of the things I have done and want to remember. Sometimes I share insights that I make.

Sundays are for getting ready for the week. Today is special. It is the first Sunday in a long time that I do not have to get ready for work and school on Monday. There is a weight to that emotion that is unexpected.

Sundays emit different feelings. It used to be the day to go to my Oma’s and have dinner. It used to be the day I visited friends.

What do Sundays mean to you?

Energy Challenge Day 13

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Welcome to Day 13

Welcome back to Monday! There is a dusting of snow outside and that makes me smile. I love the winter season.

Are you in school all this week? We attend until Friday and then have 2 weeks off. It is a full schedule and we are traveling as a family the 2 days after Christmas.

Tomorrow is our last day of the challenge and I am so glad you all joined me for this experience. It was lovely to reflect on energy of my students at this always crazy time of the year. We had a full moon Wednesday so that always throws off people in my experience. It was more at home for me than at school this week!

I have been thinking of new ideas to connect educators for 2020. Interactive classes with PGP points, a podcast and longer trainings for intentional teaching. It is an exciting time.

Planning and writing fuel me. I have been in a short writing class and was able to get some feedback. This was extremely motivating for me. The suggestions were just what I needed too.

Today I want you to reflect on your student’s energy –

What is something that fueled your students’ learning today?
What is something that drained your students in the classroom?
What did you learn about your students?

Here is a quote to think about today:

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Until tomorrow! Please share your responses either by commenting or your own blog! If you share on your blog please tag me so I see it.

I send you moments of silence and warm beverages!!


Day 8 Of Energy Challenge

Welcome to Day 8

It is Wellness Wednesday. Think about how you take care of yourself in small ways – a walk in the trees, always drinking good coffee, breathing…

I published an article yesterday about a writing exercise that ties into the idea of noticing and observation. You can read that here.

Today I want you to reflect on your energy –

What is something that fueled your students’ learning today?
What is something that drained your students in the classroom?
What did you learn about your students?

Here is a quote to think about today:

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

 -Barack Obama

Until tomorrow!
I send you smiles and surprises!