Every Friday I set the timer for 5 minutes and write what the word Kate chooses spurs in my mind.


Everyone is using the word NOW during this crisis. Funny that it took a pandemic for people to focus on the present. People are worried about the future in a whole new way with a special tint of darkness — but, is it really all that different?

Humans like to fancy themselves predicters of the future — just look at the calendars we kept before we were forced to stay at home. Fear is the anxiety of what might happen that we conjure up in our minds.

The bottom line is we don’t know any more now how the future will look than we did before the pandemic. There is still uncertainty. There is always uncertainty. We don’t know what will happen anymore now than we did before. Some people deal with this feeling every day because of the hardships and obstacles they have in their lives.

We have to just control what we can. We have to pivot when we get new relevant information.

Mother Nature has put us all in a collective time out to think about what we have done. We have all been sent to our rooms. Some people still do not get it. They haven’t changed their behavior, they are still having parties, they are still standing super close and chatting. Will they be the ones that get sick? Maybe, maybe not. There is too much unknown to predict and it doesn’t matter anyway. We cannot control that aspect of the scenario.

Appreciate what you have. Pivot and reflect. Journal, read, write a list, call a friend, make a flexible plan for the next two weeks, but please STAY HOME.

I’m On A Podcast!

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Come give a listen!

Nicole’s podcast is awesome and this interview was so much fun.

Nicole and I talk about me becoming a serious writer, my #100rejectionsproject and what’s next.

Listen here: https://stopwritingalone.com/2020/04/02/episode-64-tammy-breitweiser-the-accidental-inspirationalist/

#IWSG April

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

April 1 question — The IWSG’s focus is on our writers. Each month, from all over the globe, we are a united group sharing our insecurities, our troubles, and our pain. So, in this time when our world is in crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, our optional question this month is: how are things in your world?

Over the last several years I have structured my life to center around more of what is essential to me. As I have come to know myself this means to be around less people. I recently changed jobs where I was split between two schools as a coach working with elementary teachers. There was a lot of travel and juggling of people and materials. I had three offices — four if you count the car. There were a lot of advantages to this work but one large downfall was the compensation.

My husband and I have a long term goal to be in a cabin in a lake. I am a step closer to that with a move north. There is a running path just outside my door. My new space is airy and bright.

Being told to stay at home is fairly close to my ideal life. I have been using this time as a gift to read, write, study and evaluate. The dreams are starting to get darker though and my past is trying to visit. I am running again which is great and I feel more myself than I have in a long while. I am lucky I can still get outside. I have friends where this time is limited to them.

I am safe and people I love are safe…for now.

I have several support systems in place with my writing communities so I do not feel alone. I am more connected to them through Zoom, Slack, and email than normal. There are important people I would rather see in person now but that cannot happen so I must wait.

The air of uncertainty is in the back of my mind. It is always looming, but I have been in a liminal space for quite a while with other issues in my life. I feel the obstacles of my past are helping me not panic in the state we are in now. So I will deal with what is right in front of me when I need to and otherwise enjoy the time.

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That’s A Wrap! Last day of #SOLC

Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

Today is the last day of the Two Writing Teachers blog challenge for March. I love challenges and am always making plans for what is next. Lately, that has felt a little trickier.

Late last week I almost didn’t post. I just didn’t feel like it. I knew on this last day I would question that decision if I didn’t follow through with my plan.

I am thankful I posted every day. Having a theme to fall back on was a good strategy for me. I also enjoy writing the Weekend Coffee Shares.

As we move forward, my question is:

What are your plans for April?

Here is what I have lined up for April so far:

  • Happy Camper Writing Club with Nicole Rivera
  • Poetry writing month – Two Sylvia Press prompts are coming to my inbox starting tomorrow
  • Plan for Storyaday May
  • Sarah Selecky daily writing prompts
  • #100dayproject (starts April 7th)
  • Interactive class about personality and communication taught by me (TBA)
  • Bad A$$ money book club
  • Tarot class
  • Continue to interact with my writing communities
  • Run every day
  • Many, many Zoom calls

What I am Thinking About:

+ Creating a small writing class focused on Natalie Goldberg writing exercises and retreat components. (Thanks Chari!)

+How to continue the important conversations that need to occur

+ It’s Llama Tuesday!!! The llamas are having a party today. Celebrate accordingly.

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What’s Next?

Photo by Christian Fridell on Pexels.com

March has been FULL. But what is next on your creative list? There are many challenges in April you can take part in especially in the areas of poetry.

One thing I am participating in is Nicole Rivera’s Happy Camper Club. It even has a snappy happy name! You may know her name from her podcast, “Stop Writing Alone.”

The Happy Camper program is a community and support that will be focusing on a different writing aspect every day.

Here are Nicole’s Words about it:

On Mondays I PlotEach Monday I will host a live web call with attendees where we will discuss plots and plans. Mondays will be for goal setting, story structure, and other discussions related to the writing project(s) we are tackling during the month.
On Tuesdays I WriteTuesday will be all about getting words on the page.  I will host write-ins, writing sprints, and provide writing boosts (mini prompts to help writers get unstuck during the word mongering of the day).
On Wednesdays I DrinkWednesdays will be for support and chat. I will host a coffee hour live webinar for the attendees to check in with me and each other concerning how their week is going so far. We will decompress, celebrate our wins, and share our struggles.
On Thursdays I EditWhether the Happy Campers are drafting or working on rewriting during the month of April, all writers need to edit at some point. On Thursdays this April, I will be sharing tips with the group that they can either use immediately, or collect to use at the end of the month. Thursday will likely be the quietest day for me as host, but the resources will be plentiful.
On Fridays I DaydreamWhat a wonderful way to enter into each weekend — stretching out into our dreamer state. How does this translate into an offering from me? For one, Fridays are the day I always share my weekly writing prompts which I hope help writers to dream big and wonderful new creations, but I don’t want to end there. Writer daydreams also consist of thoughts of their writing career, so Fridays will include inspirations and pro tips on creating their dream writing career in addition to being a day of prompts.I had a plan. I have a plan. I laughed aloud as I realized this dream of a community project was inspired by pencils. The next step was to reveal it to the community and hope that others would be as excited as I was.The group of happy campers is growing, but as April grows nearer and the coronavirus has even more writers and creatives struggling to find their community connections, I thought I would extend the invitation a bit further, to you. If you are reading this, and you are intrigued by this month long project with fellow writers seeking to rise to some writing goal or challenge in the month of April — regardless of genre, regardless of whether you are looking to draft, rewrite, or revise — then this invitation is especially for you.The early bird pricing ended, but with all of the financial curve balls people are being thrown with this social distancing, I decided to cut the regular $49.99 price down to $30, basically one dollar per day for the month of April. You’ll have lifetime access to the group and the resources shared within. Any and all video calls that happen in the group will be recorded if you can not make the live event. It is my dream that you can make connections with the other happy campers to become your own writing tribe as you grow and write together. My mission is to get people to stop writing alone, this tight knit, highly accountable community is one of the best ways I can think of fostering that ideal in real time. If you think you’d like to join me for the experiment, here’s the link to join:

You can sign up here.

I will be there! Let’s have some fun and get some writing done with new friends. I will be writing fiction, but you can work on whatever tickles your fancy. I will probably do some planning for my May Storyaday as well.

Friendship Expectations

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge. I will be posting slices from my life every day in March. This challenge is a part of the Two Writing Teachers blog. Click here to learn more information about the challenge.

Several years ago I learned about the 36 questions to become closer to someone. In the New York Times, the article was titled The 36 Questions that Lead to Love. I am always fascinated by questions. As an introvert, I learned to have a question ready when attending a social event in case the conversation lulled. I prefer to have deeper conversations as opposed to surface level ones. I like to be prepared.

As part of the challenge this year, I will be answering some of the questions and then you have the opportunity to journal about the question, ask a person you want to be closer to, or answer in the comments.

The trait I value most is integrity. I want people to do what they say they are going to do. I guess this goes hand in hand with trust. No one expects a friend to betray you.

I also believe in the emotional bank account as well. Deposits are made by both parties in a relationship and both can withdraw. Just like a regular bank account, it can become overdrawn. If you hurt me before we have established too many deposits then the relationship suffers.

Friendship has traditionally been difficult for me. I have been burned by more people than I can count which is I am sure why my introverted tendencies have showed themselves more over the last couple of years.

Treasured Memories

Photo by Tatiana on Pexels.com

Several years ago I learned about the 36 questions to become closer to someone. In the New York Times, the article was titled The 36 Questions that Lead to Love. I am always fascinated by questions. As an introvert, I learned to have a question ready when attending a social event in case the conversation lulled. I prefer to have deeper conversations as opposed to surface level ones.

As part of the Two Writing Teacher challenge this year, I will be answering some of the questions and then you have the opportunity to journal about the question, ask a person you want to be closer to, or answer in the comments.

In my life I have been blessed with lots of treasured memories within the different compartments of my life.

The first time my son laughed a real laugh.

The day I met my stepchildren and feel in love with them instantly.

Getting keys to my house.

The gift of Dairy Queen blizzards given to me as a wooing technique.

My school winning a national award and a reading program award.

The phone call that offered me my new job.

My first acceptance of a short story to be published.

Receiving notice I had secured a spot in the Boston Marathon in 2012.

Just making this list makes me feel better today!

What Have I Been Missing?

I used to be a runner. Well, if I am going to be honest that is an understatement. I became obsessed with running when I was 35. I blame the Biggest Loser show actually. I used to run 60-80 miles a week. If I could run 10 miles a day I was a happy girl.

I have always had friends that were runners and I envied them. I wanted to run but wouldn’t start. I had a terrible experience in middle school when I tried to join the track team which honestly kept me from it later in life.

I researched and started. I gave myself a challenge. I would run every day in January that year and at the end of the month if I hated it I would stop. I didn’t stop for 6 years. I ran everything from 5k races to 50 miles. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

My first race was a half marathon. I ran a marathon after 11 months of running. This is not the normal way to do things. But I loved it.

I ran at that time of my life too because there was anxiety and depression. I was running away from my life at the time. My brain has connected this anxiety to the running.

I have had several false starts over the last couple of years. I ran last summer and worked up to a 13 mile run just to see if I could do it again. That is how I ended up running 50 miles – a personal challenge to just see if I could do it.

With the virus gifting me the time to read, write, study and realign my life running has come back. I had to deal with some emotional ties to the running because of my past that I DO NOT want to relive.

Today is day 5 of running in a row. I am back again to looking forward to the runs. I have a path outside my door once again since I moved and that makes a huge difference. The air is clean here and there are hills which I love.

It is nice to nurture a new relationship with this part of myself.

I am a runner again.

Writing and Community Resource Share

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I love writing prompts. In my inbox is a daily prompt from my writing teacher Sarah Selecky. I write morning pages every day mostly according to Julia Cameron’s rules. I use tarot cards for the art for inspiration for writing as well. Last night, I even taught a class about writing and included prompts for students and for adults.

During this time there are so many of my favorite writing teachers providing free communities or classes or prompts. Here are a few of my favorites:

Caroline Donahue does an Instagram live every weekday.

Curtis Brown Creative – The Weekly Writing Workout

Sarah Selecky Writing Through Uncertainty community and daily free write

Mia at 12 Short Stories is hosting the Keep Writing challenge (a daily flash writing prompt) and is hosting a Free Writing Course.

Nancy Stohlman and Kathy Fish are hosting an Unexpected Sabbatical and providing a prompt every day. Many of from their coveted classes and are always a great writing springboard for me.

I love Paulette’s daily newsletter. There is always a little snippet about writing and then a one word writing prompt or the day.

Storyaday has prompts every Wednesday.

I am always inspired by the blog structures and formats from people in the Two Writing Teacher community as well!

Happy writing today – there is tons to chose from!

What will you write today?

If you have a favorite I haven’t listed – please let me know.

10 On Tuesday for #SOLC Day 24

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ten Things About My Day:

  1. I started reading Garden Spells on Sunday and finished it. I have not read a novel in a long while. I am not even sure that Goodreads will allow me to open it on my phone it has been so long since I have logged in. I have been reading, just not novels. Shorts stories, essays, poems, blog posts, Medium articles. There is no loss of reading time. But with the isolation I pulled the title off the one bookcase in my house now. It is magical and just what I needed. The book was waiting for just this time in my life.
  2. It snowed. I woke up to white dustings on all the vegetation.
  3. I am loving the community started by Sarah Selecky called “Writing Through Uncertainty”. She is hosting for a month and providing daily freewriting prompts and a space to share the writing.
  4. Weekdays mean Caroline Donahue will be sharing her daily Instagram Live. I was on a Zoom call with her this weekend which was great and struck me with awe. Caroline and I have spoken through email and messages several times but never on Zoom. I got a little shy.
  5. It is Llama Tuesday!
  6. Tonight is my online class that I am teaching!
  7. I started reading “We have Always Lived in the Castle” by Shirley Jackson.
  8. I ran for the second day in a row – a new streak getting back into a fitness pattern.
  9. I am excited for so many prompts from people I love to follow!
  10. I interacted with several of my writing communities.
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