About Me



I am a force of nature; a woman of honor; a seer of nuance; an ultra runner and an ultra reader; the keeper of the little red doors, and an accidental inspirationalist who writes.

Random Facts about Me:

  1. I am an Enneagram 1.
  2. I am a Manifesting Generator in Human Design.
  3. I am  Gemini with Scorpio Rising.
  4. I have run with an Olympian.
  5. I have won races ranging from 5K to 50K.
  6. I have run a 50 mile race.
  7. I have been homeless.

You can find other writing of mine here: Medium: https://medium.com/@tammybreitweiser

Writing Credits:


The Storyteller Magazine

Flash fiction:

The Ninja Writers Monthly

Elephantsnever.com https://elephantsnever.com/ironic-honeymoon/

Elephants Never: The Average Heart https://elephantsnever.com/the-average-heart/

Explainable Earthquakes: https://elephantsnever.com/explainable-earthquakes/

Clover and White: North Star https://cloverandwhite.wordpress.com/2020/02/09/north-star-by-tammy-breitweiser/


“My Almost Secret Writing Life” is published in the I Wrote it Anyway anthology

Twitter: @TLBREIT

Podcast appearance


Share your Love of Books

Encourage Children to Read This Summer May 13, 2011

TeachWrite Chat Blog – Guest Blogger

Thavin and Marcob

Areas of Expertise:
6+ 1 Writing traits
Teach Like A Champion
Singapore Math
Core Knowledge
Baldridge Model
Various other programs and frameworks.
I have been honored to work for schools that have won National and State awards and have presented about these programs at State and National conferences.
I was the Allen Group Teacher of Excellence for October 2015.
I have presented at the ICE conference and ISRA several times.
     +Stoking the Fires of Young Writers
     +Powerpoint Books to Supplement Instruction
     +Get Ready! Get Set! READ!


15 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Finding the right book to start a kid reading who otherwise thinks it a chore, and then providing enough after that so he or she is solidly hooked, is the greatest thing you can do for that child. From then on, they will each be able to teach themself anything they need to learn. Not minimizing formal schooling – just acknowledging that the attitude brought INTO that schooling makes a huge difference.

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  3. Hi Tammy. I like your bio and your website! We have a lot in common. Maybe I’ll put that I’m a runner on my bio page. I’ve been running a long time, but I am not the distance runner you are. Time is always forcing me to cut a run short. Anyway, so nice to meet you In the virtual writing world. Thank you for the follow.


  4. hi tammy, i’m in the too awesome category with you and 2 others. i’m #4. i just got linked today. i started writing a few days ago. i got behind b/c i was moving my blog to a new site. same address, just downsized sort of, to wordpress.com. i’m paying for my domain name to keep my same address. i tho’t i’d take a few minutes to meet the people in my category. looks like we have a nice variety here among the 4 of us:). blessings. i hope to see you again soon.

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  5. Thanks for visiting Life in the Slow Lane and choosing to follow along. Like you, I have passion about writing and reading, and I have recently slowed my blog down from one more focused on writing about writing to writing about my life and faith. I hope you’ll enjoy our journey together

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