I Love My Library #SOL22

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A New Library Card

When I move to a new town the first place I visit is the library. I have lived in this area before but never intended to return so I discarded my old card. To move back here has been a blessing and just what I needed, but was certainly unexpected. Many things have been unexpected in this year of 2022 for me.

Yesterday I stopped at the local branch to acquire my card. My license hasn’t changed yet, but I did have the change of address paperwork from the post office. It was sufficient and I was thrilled. The library system in this county is award winning and many of the books I have been hearing about on podcasts were on displays when I walked in. After I had the card in my hand, I went to look for a YA book I had been trying to get my hands on. I have been trying to not purchase novels because I typically will only read them once. [The Night Circus is the exception.] It was still classified as a new book so it was in a different section. I had to look in three places before I found it!

This is the first time I have browsed a library in quite a while. I have the Google Extension on my computer so whenever I look up a book it automatically tells me whether the book is at my library in hard copy or digital. I can click on a button and put a hold on it immediately. This extension has stopped me from buying numerous books and allowed me to borrow them and then not have to store them! When I am alerted my holds were in I just went and picked those up. Sometimes the books just take a field trip to my house, but I started reading Improbable Magic for Cynical Witches by Kate Scelsa when I got home.

The visit had a secondary purpose as well. I checked with the librarian to see if a writing group was meeting at that location already. There is not. Then I asked about how I could start one. Groups started meeting in person two months ago so there aren’t many gatherings on the schedule.

My plan is to use the library as an occasional writing space as we move into fall. It allows me a change of scenery if I need it.

It was a happy moment and another way I feel like I am immersing myself into my surroundings.

How do you feel about your local library?

#happyllamatuesday #happyreading #happywriting

8 thoughts on “I Love My Library #SOL22

  1. I’ve rhapsodized about my local library (notice the propriety “my”) several times on my blog; I love it so. It offers the best “take-out” in town, and the prices? No contest! Enjoy your alternate writing space and all those books.
    By the way, I don’t know if you’ll use picture books with your upcoming classes, but when Matt de la Pena comes out with his soon-to-be-published PATCHWORK, check it out. I bet you’ll love it. (He didn’t pay me; I just heard him read it in Louisville.)

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  2. Tammy, what a magical post! I hope that you will share it with your library. I love our libraries here in my small, rural county in Georgia. We have a county library and a city library, but by city I really mean a small town. I love going to see all of the events that are planned, and, like you, being a part of some of the planning. I used to sit on the Library Board, but my term ended and I came off. There’s nothing like a library for feeling connected and for having resources to be able to read and respond. I love this post.


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