Ten Things on Tuesday

On (some) Tuesdays I write about education and then post to the Two Writing Teacher blog. I also comment on at least three other blog posts.

Austin Kleon style...

This prompt was a favorite list I would invite my students to write to over the many years I taught public school. Anything that interested them could go on the list. I often used my student’s lists to plan prompts on other days!

  1. Ada Limon is the 24th poet laureate of the United States. I love her poetry. Her new book, The Hurting Kind, is amazing. One of her favorite poems I love to reread is, “I Remember the Carrots“.
  2. The concept of mannequins keeps coming up this week. There are cardboard mannequins you can buy that remind me of a posable doll put together with brads I made in college. I still have it. There is also an amazing short story Mannequin by Jean Rhys.
  3. K-ming Chang published her book of short stories called God of Want.
  4. I am attending a writer workshop by Sophie Kohn today and am super excited!
  5. I learned about the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone yesterday!
  6. Studying with Natalie Goldberg live is so different than just reading her books. I am reading Thunder and Lightning which I had no idea was a craft book! It is changing my mindset and it is amazing.
  7. Writing community is amazing and fueling to me.
  8. I am excited to host a Topic Talk on Flash Fiction at the end of the month!
  9. Through my writing I have realized part of my self-care after trauma is cooking. This Salt and Lavender website has the best recipes and each one I make becomes a favorite in my house.
  10. My dreams have been vivid and I am freewriting with images that are still in my brain when I wake up!

What is something that would be on your list today?

10 thoughts on “Ten Things on Tuesday

  1. This post was like a treasure chest today- so many ideas to explore! The poem about Killing The Carrots was striking. I wrote down the website for good recipes and want to know more about the wolves being reintroduced. Thanks for sharing such gifts!

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  2. What Kathleen said and—enjoy your workshop! I have been reading more of Limon lately. I became more deeply connected to Joy Harjo as we navigated the pandemic together. I am using POET WARRIOR as my daily writing go-to. Poet Laureates have no idea what they do for us! Thanks for such a rich post.

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    • I have been reading a little Harjo – and did part of her masterclass. I will have to dip into Poet Warrior since you mentioned you come to it every day! Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  3. There is something about writing lists. It seems that whenever a writing block occurs writing a list seems to clear it. I strongly agree with #7. This writing community is what keeps me going.

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  4. What a fun list! I will definitely try it in a future blog post. Here are some of my favorite things to, at least, twist the handle one the door:
    1) Comments on a blog post
    2) A published piece that holds up in re-reads
    3) A Kdrama at about the 4th episode . . . many start off with a bit of implausibility that you must endure before you fall for the endearing characters

    Just a start.


  5. Hi, Tammy! You sound like you are full of energy and doing well! That makes me smile! So, two things: when will you lead the flash fiction talk? Is it something I can sign up for? The other thing is what was on my list today. It was a walk through the woods. We got rained out yesterday but today, we made it! Almost an hour in the woods = wonderful calm. I am trying to get 150 minutes minimum of exercise a week – in two days, I have 66 minutes. Take care!


  6. I connected to #9 – I have also found cooking to be part of my self-care! Thanks for including the link. Thanks for also modeling a great way to get words on the page! Anybody can make a List of 10 things!


  7. Oh, this list was interesting. I admit, I know almost nothing about the authors or events you mentioned (though my class did a cause/effect task around the reintroduction of wolves for science this year). I am interested in Flash Fiction, and, I have never done a writing workshop, want to, so love to hear of other’s experiences. Thanks!


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