Three [3] Things

Inspired by Holly from Poetry Forge – An interesting way to inspire a conversation. The first two stay the same and the third thing is chosen by the person sharing the list.

Something of Beauty

From Embers by Richard Wagamese

When I surrender outcome, all things good and pure and peaceful come to me. My job is to choose what appears. Easy to say but hard to do, to get out of the way enough to allow the energy to flow.

Something of Interest

This book came onto my radar this week and I downloaded the sample and reserved it at the library. I may be ordering it or downloading it when I get impatient to read it! It is YA novel set in modern day Salem, MA! The author read a section on an IG live and it was captivating.

Something Soothing

Yoga Nidra guided meditations before bed from the Insight Timer app. I cannot seem to go to sleep without a meditation at this point.

What are your three things?
What is the third category YOU would select?

I would love to hear in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Three [3] Things

  1. This post was really interesting to read 🙂

    Something of Beauty – When I was cycling in the morning, I saw either sides of the road lush with bougainvillea flowers of all colours.. it was gorgeous!

    Something of interest – I want to learn a few dance moves from YouTube on a Hindi song that I saw other people dancing to on Instagram 😁

    Something Difficult yet Worthwhile – I’m trying to take a step back and look at the bigger picture every time I get anxious or stressed, to ask myself, “does this situation really warrant my stress?” It’s harder said than done but when I’m able to achieve it , it feels good 🙂

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