Saying Yes or No #SOL22

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The idea of intentionally choosing YES or NO responses to areas of my life has come to the forefront this week. I have written about this concept before when I was inspired by Tsh Oxenreider from The Simple Show and her amazing podcast series. She rereads the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown every year which is a title I have also read.

Things I have been saying NO to lately:

– Explaining myself

– Apologizing for my feelings

– Toxic people

– Feeling I have to rush all the time, esp at work

– Hiding who I am

Things I have been saying YES to:


+Feeling what I am truly feeling in the moment and naming it

+Not eating when I am not hungry (This one MIGHT be a maybe…)

+Spending time with people I want to and that are enriching to my life

+Drinking water



+ Planning for the future

+Looking forward to the end of the school year

What are you saying yes and no to in your life?

I am noticing and determining what is personally important so I can make the right decisions and goals for ME. I am crafting out the new identity I want to embody as I move forward.

For much of my life, I have done what is politically correct or the impression of what I thought “I was supposed to do.” This can mean influences from a range of people including parents, partners, kids, or bosses. As a teacher coach, I use the term: self-imposed rules. Humans impose our own parameters all the time. We use our past experience and excitement and the rules are given to us but sometimes we make it harder on ourselves then we need to. These rules often determine what I say no or yes to.

In spite of all the obstacles, I am always writing. I am composing in my head, dictating on my phone, thinking out issues of story, reading and listening about writing craft, and teaching some students and teachers along the way. This is my reality and part of my magic.

#happyllamatuesday #happyreading #happywriting

2 thoughts on “Saying Yes or No #SOL22

  1. I love this. I am the Queen of Self-Imposed Rules (see? I just made it my title!) & I have to work hard to limit them. The simplicity of the Yes & No list is both appealing and – at least when I read yours – effective. Thanks for sharing this. I am going to ponder this for sure.


  2. Tammy, Self-Imposed rules is food for thought – how do we complicate our lives unnecessarily?
    I love how you formatted the bullets with – and + for your ‘no’ and ‘yes’ lists.
    Thanks for sharing another great slicing structure . . . I’m adding it to my to do list for future slices.

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