One Day MAYbe… #SOL22

On Tuesdays I write about education and then link to the Two Writing Teacher blog. and then comment on at least three other blog posts.

For more years than I can count I have a tradition on the first school day of May.

I invite students to finish the sentence stem: One day MAYbe…

Grade level or age does not matter for this prompt. It is universal and always applies.

My students wrote with this prompt today and we discussed if they would travel somewhere or what they wanted to be when they grew up.

One day MAYbe the weather will even out and it will actually look like spring.

One day MAYbe I will be a full time writer.

One day MAYbe I will be a princess.

I am always looking for the magic in teaching. Some days are easier to find it than others but it usually is in writing!

I invite you to finish the phrase –

One day MAYbe…


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