I Invite You To Coffee #WeekendCoffeeShare

Thank you for joining me for a coffee chat today. I link up with Natalie the Explorer with others who enjoy Weekend Coffee Share posts!

Thank you for meeting and chatting with me today. I have some spicy coffee this morning with mocha today. I can make you a regular cup if that doesn’t appeal to you.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I was a guest blogger on a website I respect as a writer and an educator. You can check out my post here about writing poetry.

If we were having coffee I would tell you the weather is still not cooperating. It rained every day this week except Thursday when I was able to get out in the sun for a walk. Yesterday it was 89 degrees at one point and the day before it was 40 degrees??? When it is not raining, it is windy. Windy like 20mph – not breezy.

If we were having coffee I would tell you it was a busy writing week which is always my favorite. The Centered Guest Mentor call was this week and was amazing. Yesterday I attended the Barrelhouse writing conference online and also had my Natalie Goldberg writing session. I had a critique session as well. Thanks to my friends Jamie and Chari, I realized that my 100-word story was due yesterday instead of today, so I am glad I didn’t miss the deadline. I also turned in my CV2 poem.

If we were having coffee I would tell you today my schedule is a little different so my regular writing routine has shifted. I do not mind at all. I plan to do some revisions and submissions today.

Do you need a refill?

If we were having coffee I would tell you I think I have a plan to get my novel revised by August 1st. I have an accountability partner (THANK YOU ROBYN) who also has done this process before so I believe that will be motivating for me. From the Ease Lessons podcast, I also was reminded about a sentence outline which I think will work for figuring out (again) where the holes are in the story so I can work those pieces out. I know I need to rearrange many scenes as well.

I am excited to have a plan and a deadline for myself. I am still reading Refuse to Be Done by Matt Bell and I am sure that will help with the plans as they become more solidified and written down!

If we were having coffee I would tell you I have made some writing connections through my new role as Moderator for Centered. I am enjoying the increased interaction and learning more about these writers.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I hope you have some fun this Sunday! I am having the most enjoyable day today full of many things I love. I had the perfect start to the morning and had an amazing breakfast with someone important…more on that another time.

Looking ahead I am looking forward to next weekend already! I have some big plans and I am taking my sons to a White Sox game! I hope the weather holds out for us!

Thank you for joining me for a coffee chat! I am already looking forward to next weekend!

4 thoughts on “I Invite You To Coffee #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Thanks for the spicy coffee. I think I like it. It sounds like you had quite a productive writing week. That’s good! I’m also so glad to hear you have a plan for revising your novel by August 1! As for the weather, it’s quite off here too. Though it’s sunny and the temperature’s okay (like about 60 degrees Fahrenheit), it’s also windy here. Hope you’ll have a good week ahead.


  2. Thanks for the spicy coffee! I love a good mocha with a bit of red chile in it for kick 😉

    What a busy and productive week you’ve had! I’m so glad you’re making connections and getting your writing in as you intend to. I’m slowly carving out more time for own writing (and blog reading) and am really enjoying getting back into the swing of it all.

    Hope you’re enjoying a lovely week!

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