Big Writing Day #napowrimo #Day23

Today is Day 23 of Poetry Month and a BIG writing day for me

Earlier this week, my new issue of Poets and Writers magazine came in the mail. It is the only magazine I get in print now. Magazines used to be a staple of my reading life. When I was younger [and before the internet] I could often be heard saying, “I read in a magazine…”

I find this magazine inspiring. There is a section where first lines of poems and books are printed and it is always delightful. Beginning sentences are powerful.

One of the mentor poems I used this week was Louise Glück Figs which was a daily poem from The Paris Review on the 20th.

Today I am participating in the CV2 poetry contest. A list of 10 words are shared that must be used in the body of the poem and not altered in any way. You can check out the words and more details here.

I am also participating in the NYC Midnight 100-word microfiction contest this weekend. In my opinion 100 word stories are poem adjacent. The prompt assigned to me was ROMANCE (genre), HAILING A TAXI (action), STRESS(word). One of the benefits of this contest is the judges’ feedback that you receive later. (Much later in reality)

Drafts are written for the 100-word story and the poem. I am still rewriting both pieces plus writing other things in between. I typically do not enter contests but have seemed to have changed that pattern this year.

I am also attending a virtual writing conference today and am scheduled for a critique session.

How much writing can you pack in one day? I am trying to find out. I love this life!

What did you write today? How did you fuel your writing self today?

#readmorepoetry #alwayswrite

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