Poetry Month #napowrimo #Day19 #SOL22

This month I will read a poem and use it to inspire a poem of my own. I will write about process, but will not publish the poem drafts on the blog.

Here is my calendar which holds the links for the poems/prompts that inspire me. My resources this challenge are linked at the top of the document.

Day 19

I have been reading poetry every day without fail. Last Friday, I went to a pop up class with Poetry Forge which was inspiring and led me to a new poet. I have been reading a variety of books and articles which always fuels my writing. I wanted to increase my reading minutes which has come to fruition over the month of April. In addition to my notebook, I am always carrying a book.

I began a class yesterday with Monna McDiarmid who is amazing. She is hosting her class mostly through a Slack channel which is interesting and new to me.

I wrote a poem last evening with my PUSH group using the poem WINDOW by Forough Farrokhzad as a mentor text. It was published in The Paris Review. I read the poem to the group and then it was time to write!

This poem begins with an image so all the writers began with an image of their own and then I fed them sentence stems every couple of minutes to inspire their next line.

Poem structure:

Begin with the description of an image

Begin you next line with: I come from the land of…

I come from among…

When my trust…

One is enough for….

Dreams always….

Will I…

I sense….

Say something….

End with a circle back to the image at the beginning.

What did you write today? How did you fuel your writing self today?

#readmorepoetry #write

Happy Llama Tuesday! Celebrate accordingly – the llama says, “Read a poem today!”

3 thoughts on “Poetry Month #napowrimo #Day19 #SOL22

  1. What a wonderful blog post! I popped in here after seeing your prompt at Ethical ELA today. I love how you make poetry every part of your life in April. I also want to increase my reading minutes. Thanks for the great ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

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