Poetry Month #napowrimo #Day4

This month I will read a poem and use it to inspire a poem of my own. I will write about process, but will not publish the poem drafts on the blog. I may share lines.

Here is my calendar which holds the links for the poems/prompts that inspire me. My resources this challenge are linked at the top of the document.

Day 4

Mentor text/inspiration poem for today:

“On Pruning” Allison Funk (The Paris Review)

Since I have poetry on the brain, there were some lines that appeared in my notebook this morning. After having several hours to write and read last week it was jarring to only have an hour before work today.

The Paris Review poem didn’t come into my inbox until after I had arrived at work but I had a few minutes to read it in-between work tasks. I also had a writing friend asking me about how the poem was going so I felt the pull to do something!

There were a few influences to my poem today. A podcast called Live the Question with Elayne Fluker, Tony Robbins priming I listened to yesterday, the poem of course, and a strong image that came to mind while I was writing.

Today’s poem was longer as well which was pleasing.

What did you write today? How did you fuel your writing self today?

It doesn’t have to be poetry. It might be a joke, an observation, an image from your dream or something else!


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