Poetry Month #napowrimo #Day3

This month I will read a poem and use it to inspire a poem of my own. I will write about process, but will not publish the poem drafts on the blog. I may share lines.

Here is my calendar which holds the links for the poems/prompts that inspire me. My resources this challenge are linked at the top of the document.

Day 3

Mentor text/inspiration poem for today: Idol by Arthur Rimbaud (The Paris Review)

After reading the poem today I started freewriting in my notebook.

I had to start writing with “What is really going on?” and “What do I really want to write about?”

After a few minutes of writing, I reread each line of the poem and wrote what came to mind for my own poem.

I also went back and revised the poems from the past two days.

It has been a great writing day!

What did you write today? How did you fuel your writing self today?

It doesn’t have to be poetry. It might be a joke, an observation, an image from your dream or something else!


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