Poetry Month #napowrimo #Day2

This month I will read a poem and use it to inspire a poem of my own. I will write about process, but will not publish the poem drafts on the blog. I may share lines.

Here is my calendar which holds the links for the poems/prompts that inspire me. My resources this challenge are linked at the top of the document.

Day 2

Mentor text/inspiration poem for today: Henri Cole Free Dirt (The Paris Review)

I liked the poem today, but had a hard time getting the lines down in the notebook. Poems usually flow pretty easily but it felt stilted. I may try to free write some later and rework it for tomorrow. I think I was too concerned about “writing a poem” today instead of just writing. My beautiful morning ended up as the lines of the poem mostly. It has a feeling that I was recording details rather than using those images to convey emotion. I will revisit it again tomorrow with this also in mind.

I also went back and revised the poem from Day 1 and was able to make the language tighter. There are three stanzas at the end that I think may be a different poem.

I was able to attend a live call with Natalie Goldberg today who was brilliant. It is just fueling to hear her talk. She talked about pleasure reading and how this fuels our writing. She read to us from three different books and had us recall lines that popped out to us. For such a simple exercise, I just wanted to get home and write!

Her last bit of advice? “Go write your asses off.”

I think I will take her words to heart and go write!

What did you write today? How did you fuel your writing self today?

It doesn’t have to be poetry. It might be a joke, an observation, an image from your dream or something else!


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