Welcome Fall!

Photo by rikka ameboshi on Pexels.com

I feel like the welcoming committee to the new season this year. I happily am kicking summer out of the guest room and welcoming my friend Autumn into the house with her red hair and flowing burnt leaf colored clothing. She smells of coffee, pumpkin, spice, and cider and glows in a way no one else does.

It has been a disorienting last couple of weeks for me and I am happy for the transition of a new season on the tail of a full moon.

On Tuesday I wrote about ten delights of Fall. You can read that here.

I am ushering in today with writing, reading, and people watching. I am reading The Butterfly Lampshade by Aimee Bender and have been inspired by her sentences. It has been a long while since I had a novel that I could crawl in to and absorb the magic.

This novel strikes me in a way that makes me think of other connections I have and want to write about them. It is a novel I keep wanting to come back to. It is on my kindle so I have been reading it on my phone which is not always ideal for me. I love her writing and weirdness but there are so many triggers for me to write coming from the ideas and the language and how she puts sentences together. I have this notion to rewrite all the highlights so I can feel where the magic is coming from inside her construction. I haven’t felt this drawn to a book in a long time. The Night Circus is really the only fiction book that comes to mind.

Anyone else get this feeling from an author or a book?

I need to find some good Autumn poems to read. I have been enjoying my Paris Review email with poems. Ada Limon is the new host of the podcast The Slowdown. She leads with a reflection of her own and then reads a poem. It has been delightful.

I am looking forward to using my Writing Down the Bones cards that will come in the mail today! I adore Natalie Goldberg.

I have been doing much reflection over the past week and coming to some truths about my life and the perception of it!

I welcome the warmth and the hygge of the season for sure!

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