Still Trying #SOL21

On most Tuesdays I blog and post to the Two Writing Teacher Blog . Teacher writers read and then comment on at least three others posts.

For the first time in at least a month, I began my day with an hour of writing. The plan was to sleep a little later and then write before work. The plans were changed a bit.

I wrote with my coffee and then we went on a short walk.

I have been back to work for a month and have still not found a new rhythm that feels right. I had to change rooms last week which threw me off. The longer early morning and afternoon walks seem to wear on me. It takes the whole weekend to recover. I know the experts say you cannot make up sleep, but that is what I seem to be doing. Focus and certain details seem to be lost.

This fall seems different than others in the past. I am doing many of the same things as the past: I write, I work, I walk, I learn but it all seems off somehow. I am hoping there will be some cooler weather that will come and stay.

The students have been in classrooms since September 1st and working with them has been wonderful. The teachers are lovely as well of course!

This situation is one where I wonder if I have to let go or try to manipulate it more. I know there needs to be more flexibility to the coaching job and schedules can change on a whim depending on student and teacher needs.

Hopefully, getting my room in a little more order will help today too!

Have you found your new rhythm?

I would love to hear in the comments.

One thought on “Still Trying #SOL21

  1. I’d love to say I’ve found a rhythm in our madness, but I have not. Our school schedule has been hijacked by budget issues so we are teaching more classes, but in a shorter time, so it feels like we are running constantly. Add on before and after school meetings leads to just plain tired. I’ve gone to bed before 9:30 PM more in the first month than I did all of last year.

    Yet, I’m hopeful the rhythm will come and some semblance of sanity will follow. It has to! 🙂


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