Planners #SOL21

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There are less than two weeks left of summer for me and I feel it looming. One of the things that I had to get squared away was to order my planner for going back to school.

I am the person that makes notes and has to write everything down or it doesn’t happen.

For productivity, I use a paper planner and my Google calendar to help me stay on top of my professional to do lists. The digital more so for the notification alerts.

For some reason I struggle with the cost of a paper planner. Last year I bought at least two from big box stores trying to avoid paying the $40 for the passion planner. Collectively, I spent more than that and was irritated everyday with the one I made myself use. The spiral was all wrong and got caught on the pages often.

I am not making that mistake again.

During the pandemic there was a Passion Planner $7 sale and I was pleased as punch to be using it again. To celebrate my new coaching position I bought the academic weekly planner this year. It has shipped and I am excited for it to get here. I went with the plain black style and will decorate it with stickers.

I started color coding several years ago and blocking time out on the weekly spread. I plan to use the grids on the monthly pages for doodles or word of the day challenges as well.

As a coach, I tend to make more universal lists that I refer back to so the blank pages in the back will come in handy.

Where do you stand on planners? Digital or paper? Do you have a preferred planner type? Do you add something unique to your calendar pages?

I would love to hear in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Planners #SOL21

  1. For years, I grasped tightly to my paper planner. However, once I got an iPhone, I fully converted to digital for everything. As someone whose purse is already too heavy, having everything on my phone has lightened my load (physically speaking, of course).

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  2. I used to buy planners, but as I have shifted to be more and more of a digital/online teacher I have found my planners going the same route. Last year I brought a planner and really only wrote in it for the first nine weeks of school before it was abandoned. I’m going to see how going paperless/digital goes for me this year.

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  3. I use a digital planner for school because it can be easily shared with my colleagues. It took me awhile to get used to using it when I switched from paper but now I would not go back.

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  4. I use Nicolette James’s Intentional Educator planner. It suits my style and needs just right. The digital version is about 10 bucks, which is worth it to me (plus I get to support the work of a fellow colleague). Other than that, I use old-fashioned spiral notebooks and Flair pens for all of my note-taking, long-range planning, and my countless lists…

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