Truth #SOL21 #10minchallenge

Each Tuesday I blog and post to the Two Writing Teacher Blog. Then I read and comment on at least three others posts.

The truth is…

I am hosting my own challenge this month

The prompt today was:

There are several ways a story can be true. 

Perspective and lens make a huge difference.

The brain changes a memory each time we recall it slightly which is why when you try to compare a situation with another person who was there you remember it differently.

Today I want you to set your timer and begin with the stem:


Just let your brain take you where it wants to go. You might write about the same truth the whole time or you may make a 2 mm shift of truth like a kaleidoscope. You may switch between several truths.

Allow what comes.

The truth is perspective. What is true for me is not always how others around me see it. As I get older, this seems to be more true than I ever thought before. But this idea also complicates things when you deal with people who deal in black and white. Five year old perspectives are different than adults for sure.

The truth is I am looking at some changes come August. I am uncertain how it will play out, but I know that I have taken steps and just have to wait now. The truth is I am impatient.

The truth is I returned from Florida on Sunday. I had an amazing time for my son’s graduation trip but it was a long time to be away from home.

The truth is June went even faster this year than it normally does. It is already the 6th of July and I am not ready. Time is flowing too easily.

The truth is I am examining what needs to stay and what needs to go. I am choosing to focus on the light, abundance, and wonder of it all. One thing that will stay is my 10 mile walks. I went earlier today so it wasn’t so hot.

If you would like to join this free challenge sign up here and you will start getting the emails tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Truth #SOL21 #10minchallenge

  1. Thanks for a new writing idea, Tammy. I could resonate with this piece because just before I read it I recalled a memory to my husband, and I couldn’t be 100% certain of where it happened. I also think 2021’s June was one of the fastest ever.

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  2. What a great prompt! You have me thinking about “The truth is…” Thanks for the idea and invitation!


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