things on my mind #SOL21

Each Tuesday I blog and post to the Two Writing Teacher Blog.

things I’m


Below Deck. A new season started and we are able to watch it on Peacock. They are releasing the shows a week ahead of schedule so that is exciting. I am looking forward to Big Brother and it starts in July.


the horses on my walking route. There are horses on every walking route. I am logging in 10 miles a day since the school year closed.


A poem, a short story or flash piece, and an essay every day in June. I am reflecting on what I am reading and how it connects to revision this month.


my middle school writers group. I had several groups of middle schoolers who were some of the best thinkers and writers. we talked about short stories and wrote our own. it was a magical time.


quick dry shorts with zippered pockets. I am traveling next week and need a place to stash my phone where it won’t fall out of my pocket.


my library. Almost every book I look for, they have a copy of! It is amazing. I can put holds on books through the Library Extension through Google and that saves me time as well.


to favorite podcasts. One of the ones I look forward to is MFA Writers. I am excited a new episode dropped today and I will listen on my walk

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