Bradbury Revision Challenge Day 21

How are we at the 21st of the month already???

All month I am following Ray Bradbury’s self directed MFA by reading a poem, a short story, and an essay with the intention of using the idea of good words in = good words out. I welcome your comments, recommendations, and insights!

July is Coming!

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June 21

Poem: In a Place Where Trees Can Speak by Jane Brunette

Story: Hunger Pains (A bit racy…fair warning before you click)

Essay: The True Secret of Writing by Natalie Goldberg – Lists


The poem is from Jane’s poetry collection Grasshopper Guru. There is a rhythm and ease to Jane’s poetry that feels dream like and soft to me. There are images and then you sift through to reveal a memory of hers that you feel like you were let into from a peep hole. It feels magical.

In the story I love her opening line: Eating nacho-flavored cauliflower chips is like eating the crisp skeletons of dead leaves. 

I like some of the lines and the lists and how she uses food, but the explicit nature of the piece is not my favorite. In something I read today she said she wrote it when she was hungry!

NG writes about the writing of lists and how they are simple but one of the backbones of writing. Whenever you don’t know what to write you can always come back to a list. She gives some opening lines to play with in this chapter. For revision, formulating a list opening line that corresponds with your story can open up a new way to look at it and add details.

What list will you make today?

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