Bradbury Revision Challenge Day 17

Welcome to Thinking Thursday!

For the month, I am following Ray Bradbury’s self directed MFA by reading a poem, a short story, and an essay with the intention of using the idea of good words in = good words out.

I welcome your comments, recommendations, and insights!

June 17


Mothers I Once Was

by Kaveh Akbar

From The Paris Review

Story: The Three Spinning Women- Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Essay: The True Secret of Writing by Natalie Goldberg Seven Attitudes of Mindfulness + At The Beginning


I love Kaveh Akbar’s poetry and was happy to see this poem show up in my inbox from The Paris Review. Of all the daily poem emails I seem to like the ones from this publication the most. It is a poem that I like the repetition of but not necessarily the poem as a whole. The last line: Mother who held on while it was happening. Is the one I like the best.

The story is a Grimm brothers tale is one I was not familiar with and is on the happier side which surprised me. A good deed is rewarded and not punished. There seems to be no twist of the knife that often arises in these tales. I like the rule of 3 but it is done differently. I am liking the idea of continuing the reading of the fairy tales. They are old and I love that about them.

The essay resonated with the Seven Attitudes of Mindfulness which I used in my newsletter for this week. The essay that followed the list is about getting out of your own way. She recommends writing practice for 2 years before you even think about a novel.

NG talks about writing as discovery. To take a topic and write about it in several timed writing sessions over time and then reread them. To follow the trail of the writing and see where it leads.

“Time lets the blood dry.” Isn’t that a fantastic line?

“The places where you were present almost glow off the page.”

“..eventually your path reveals itself.”

“Writing is magical, extraordinary, but we have to pick up the pen to run down the rails and catch that caboose.” This line caught my eye today because I was stopped by a train on my walk.

This project is causing me to rethink revision on a grand scale and what I even consider a draft. It is opening up a new level for me which is exciting.

What are you excited about today? It doesn’t have to be about writing!

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