Transition to Break #SOL21

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Transition Time.

This is my first TWT post since I am officially on summer break. It still doesn’t seem real to me. Over the weekend I kept telling myself, “These are days I would have off anyway…it doesn’t count.”

Each year I go through this transition where I switch over from the main labels of educator to wife, mother, writer.

These identities are always part of me, of course, but the priority of the labels switch places for a while when the demands on my time are changed.

I used to have a school hangover for more than a week. I would be in a panic thinking I was forgetting something. I used to pack up a lot of stuff to bring home over the summer as well.

In recent years, the transition has gotten easier.

For instance, I didn’t bring home a carload of stuff. I am also not worried about my classroom being used for summer school. I would have in the past.

You see, I don’t really like change I have come to realize. I like patterns and structures THAT I ESTABLISH. If they happen TO me, then I resist.

If I feel I have no choice, I resist.

Honestly, I am a rebel, so sometimes even my own rules I resist.

[If you want to know more about rebels…or questioners…or obligers…check out Gretchen Rubin’s 4 tendencies quiz.]

A long time ago I gave myself a summer assignment in the name of being a well rounded person and because…ah hem….teacher.

Sometimes it was to read the classics I didn’t read when I was in high school. Or it is to complete a writing course. Or to try a new recipe.

I have come to learn that experiments are part of how I am designed and align best to my creativity.

But this year I feel different as I shed the skin of teacher and slip into the new one of full time writer. I am not sure if it is the pivots that had to be made over the last year + or just that the personal stressors of past years are being eliminated. Some have timed out and some I have made decisions regarding in order to let them go.

The freedom of the summer schedule aligns with how I work best. Later in the summer I will examine how to bring more of that feeling to the job , but for now…I am going to write some more and then go for a walk.

Happy writing!

I would love to hear about your transition from school to home – is it dramatic for you?


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7 thoughts on “Transition to Break #SOL21

  1. I can relate to this so completely. I, too, used to stress about summer school in my room and bring tons of stuff home. With age, experience, and need, I’ve abandoned much of that. It bogged me down and was quickly leading to burnout. I think I am a better teacher for letting so much unnecessary stress go.

    This post is so relevant. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Yes the transition is dramatic! From full time School Social Worker to full time mom of three teens. Though some of the issues remain the same in both spheres, and in both, I’m just looking for a moment to myself. But over the summer, I’ll be at home, on the couch, reading a book, role modeling self care. I too am not as stressed about abandoning the room, or having to “do this” for the fall. Just eager to be in summer.

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  3. “School hangover for a week” – ! That is THE TRUTH. It takes a while to decompress and even begin to think of enjoying vacation. I finished reading a book (finally), started a new one, and made a loose list of things I want to do around the house while I have the time – loose so I won’t feel a failure if I don’t get them crossed off on my self-imposed timeline, and so there’s flexibility to play with my granddaughter or whatever unique thing a day might provide. Here’s to savoring summer!

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  4. Yes! It’s the school hangover for me!! I’ve never heard it described that way but it is accurate. This is my second week of summer break and I can already feel myself beginning to ease into it in a way that I couldn’t last week. However, it’s also my husband’s first week back at the office since March 2020 so he is dealing with the reentry phase and struggling a lot with that. Basically, we’re all a hot mess over here! Ha!

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  5. OH my gosh, school hangover. That is a perfect description. It’s so difficult to just turn off all the thinking! Shedding that skin into new things is always nice though and the schedule allows for the reset.

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