Bradbury Revision Challenge Day 8

Each day in June I will follow Ray Bradbury’s MFA schedule of reading a poem, a short story, and an essay with the intention of revising a story already in my drive. I will share my reflections along the way.

I welcome your comments and insights as well! I also welcome any recommendations you would like to share with me.

Day 8


“Sadder Summer” by Zachary Schomburg

The house was crumbling down slowly around me like a paper marigold. It had been a summer full of interviews. I had become simplified into my most primitive body. Now me experienced, me said. Now me not alone.


Essay:The True Secret of Writing by Natalie Goldberg – A Moment


The poem today is short but powerful. There are several phrases that pop out to me:

paper marigolds

summer full of interviews

me not alone

As I have been reading these poems with more intention over the last 8 days I have been thinking of sentences and the how they convey my thoughts. Concise language is needed in order to be understood. Sometimes this is with an image or a peripheral memory of something you thought forgotten. Sometimes there needs to be more words, sometimes less.

These poetic lines make me picture paper flowers like the ones we used to make for dances in middle and high school.

I wonder if the interviews were for jobs or for something else. Interviews for friends? spouses? That makes me think of what unusual thing could you interview for and to make it into a story. Or search the drive for one I can incorporate it into.

The flashes from Meg Pokrass are intriguing to me. I like her stories but always feel like I have to read them more than once. I took a class with her 2 weeks ago. Her imagery is intriguing and unusual. I keep rereading searching for something that I think I might have missed.

NG talks about a small moment that shifted your perspective. I call them before and after moments. When I read the chapter this morning, I couldn’t think of anything that fit her description. I still can’t!

Today I am mostly just inspired by the readings. No specific revisions are coming to mind for the stories I am working on.

I would love to know your thoughts about these pieces or writing in general!

Feel free to leave a comment or question. Let’s have a conversation!

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