June Energy #SOL21

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Here we are.

This week is the last with students. Today I will spend the morning outside and have regular day in the afternoon. This is my last in person day with Cohort A.

I am ready for the end of the year. So ready. I am formulating a plan to recharge over the next couple of weeks because I won’t be able to function if I don’t.

I have been looking closely at what fuels me and what depletes me and what are my nonnegotiables.

Summer for me means I live a writer’s schedule. I have time in the mornings to write and then walk. I started running again now that the weather seems to be cooperating as well.

I am intentionally reading a poem, short story, and essay everyday to use them as my own mentor texts for revision. You can read about that here.

This end of the school year I imagine will feel more complete than last year’s. I am thinking of doing a couple of things that will unplug me from the world and input that is not good for me.

These next two weeks I am approaching one day at a time. I am diligent about putting things into lists and my calendar or it won’t happen!

Right now I feel flat.

The holiday weekend was great with a lot of time outside so that was wonderful. I will ride that energy wave as long as I can!

5 thoughts on “June Energy #SOL21

  1. Understood. I usually feel flat when I am being manipulated or give too much energy away to the undeserving. Sometimes it is good to do something you actually WANT to do as opposed to what you should. Forget your lists or plans. Do something fun and silly and completely spontaneous with other fun and silly people and you’ll perk right up. Forget everyone else, for once 😊👍

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  2. Love the advice the initial commenter gave you, Tammy. This year has drained you (and many others) in ways we did not anticipate. Typically, May has always been such a tough month for me and it was always due to being drained as well as undervalued. I no longer feel that way because I am no longer giving my talents away. It’s sad but it has helped. Find something fun – for you and do it. No excuses. Just do something for yourself that you enjoy. Start to refill your tank. Take care.

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  3. This school year as been a long, arduous race – I myself feel like I will be crawling across the finish line, but at least it is in sight, and near. Excellent insight on analyzing what fuels and what depletes, and considering one’s own “non-negotiables” – we would all be wise to consider! Here’s to summer and its gifts, awaiting.

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