Day 29- #StoryadayMay2021

How do you feel about prompts?

Prompts are a gateway into writing. I inspire others, but I also have systems set up so I keep myself fueled. This has been trial and error of course. Also, when new learning comes in I change what I am doing to meet my needs.

I use prompts with students of all ages. Many are intimidated by the blank page and a prompt eliminates this problem. One of my teachers advises start the sentence and then just finish it. Then write the next one. It is simple but works. Whatever your brain wants you to write will come out no matter what prompt you start with.

I read poetry because I love it. I always have. I started writing poetry first when I was single digit age. I laugh it is because I love concise sentences and prose but also because I like to be cryptic. It becomes a game of sorts where you are taking these flashes of lightening and trying to figure out what type of storm it is. For this reason, I get several daily poem emails so I have new ones to read every day. Some days I read the whole poem, and others it doesn’t resonate and it gets deleted.

The Paris Review sent me this poem today: Poem Revised in a Twelfth-Floor Hotel Room After Seeing a Man in the Building Across the Street Holding What Appeared to be Binoculars
by Camille Dungy
Issue no. 230 (Fall 2019)

Isn’t that an amazing title? I am going to use it for inspiration for my flash title today.

It was a comfort to find this is common practice among poets of reading and discarding poems. When I took my poetry class with Chris LaTray in April we talked about it in one session and everyone was surprised that everyone followed much the same structure.

I keep lists of notes everywhere. I have tried to contain them in my Keep app on my phone and one “walking around” notebook.

One of the other emails I get daily is from Readwise. It is a service that takes the highlights from Kindle and sends me a list of 15 quotes I have highlighted in my reading. It is great for beginning lines for freewrites, new stories, or a way to play with the sentence structure another author used. It also reminds me of past books I haven’t looked at in a while.

I am a visual person and like piles, especially of books. I “lose” books on the Kindle when they go to the bottom of the list.

THE PROMPT for Today:

Write a story in three sections, each section recounting the same event from a different character’s point of view

Julie Duffy is the author of this prompt.


Today’s prompt is one of my favorites from Julie – a classic Storyaday prompt. One of the first stories that was published in my 100 Rejections project came from writing with this prompt.

The story I wrote today is about a dinner party. The three POV’s are from guests and they are all thinking about the square plates in the place setting in relationship to their lives and the conversation at the table.

The working title based on the poem title referenced above is: A Conversation Revised At The Dinner Party Argument with the Square Plates after what appeared to be An Experiment

Happy Writing!

What did you write today?

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