Day 28- #StoryadayMay2021

A couple more days…

THE PROMPT for Today:

“Loretta’s face was hidden by the wide brimmed hat boldly covered in ribbons and one rose. Rising slowly from the fourth pew, she raised her chin towards the minister and declared, “I object.”

Leslie Stack is the author of this prompt.


Today’s story draft was written early in the morning. I reread several day’s stories and did some revision and cutting. It is a strange practice to go back into documents you don’t exactly recall writing! Early morning writing does this to me. I am in that half asleep mode and don’t always hold onto a story after it ends up on the page either digitally or in the notebook.

It is how I let go of things too. If I write them down, I know they are safe and out of my head.

Today’s story is about a secret that one person at the wedding has and is deciding whether to share it or not. She is struggling with her own motivation and decides she is going to ruin his life, in this moment, just because she can. There is magic in three words.

I do not like the name Loretta for this character so will change it. Names are important to me. In fact, I have been thinking about my own name and how it has never fit me. I cannot seem to land on one that does however. I have been doing some freewriting around this in my notebook this week.

Today is the day the thoughts were coming too fast and I wrote this draft on the computer.

Often, especially if I am drafting a lot of stories in a short time, characters have no names. I am not sure if this is a productive practice some days. A name lends itself to a character developing and also to the emotional connection a reader has to them. I sometimes focus too much on WHAT is happening even though I read a lot of character driven fiction.

Sometimes after looking back over a series of short pieces I realize they are all about the same character essentially and then I can combine the scenes and name the character. Then I can flesh out more of the details of their quirks and personality.

Writing is a funny process somedays!

3 days left!

What did you write today?

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