Day 27- #StoryadayMay2021

We are nearing the end of the challenge and the month!

THE PROMPT for Today:

Write a story for children. Prompt is “The Golden Rule,” treat others are you wish to be treated.

Miriam Laundry is the author of this prompt.


Today a fairy tale like story came out about Azur who is the protector of the glass heart but is bored with his position. He is warned but falls into a hole and no one will help him. He has to answer three questions in order to be rescued.

The author of the prompt has a link to a video and a PDF, but I was unable to open it on my phone. I was going to try to use her blueprint for stories but didn’t want to get out the computer yet. I was handwriting in my notebook.

I heard on a podcast yesterday about an author who writes 1000 words a day. The following day she rereads and edits/deletes words from the previous day and then writes forward from her favorite sentence. I have always adhered to the rule of no editing while you are drafting but have an overload of words in my files. I think this may be a manageable way to get through some words.

June is going to be about revision for me. I plan to use my Bradbury Challenge of reading a poem, short story, and essay as inspiration for the changes I make in my own stories.

Anchors: glass heart, crow, horse, 3 questions

Visual: crow on top of a sign that reads: Danger- No Trespassing

What did you write today?

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