Day 26- #StoryadayMay2021


Like the list story, this prompt encourages you to break the narrative rules. Let the story unfold through a series of updates, memos, social media posts, a technical manual, or some other document that creates gaps the reader must fill in.

Remember that each memo will be written in real time, reporting on an event, before the character experiences the next ‘episode’ and writes about it.

Julie Duffy is the author of this prompt.


I have been playing with Hermit Crab forms of flash fiction for a while now. I follow several people that do a wonderful job with this type of story including Cheryl Pappas and KB Carle.

Instead of a memo, I chose to use a lesson plan template. This is a form I have wanted to try for a while. It took longer than I anticipated but overall I am happy with the experiment.

What did you write today?

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3 thoughts on “Day 26- #StoryadayMay2021

  1. Hey Tammy,

    I struggled with this prompt. It just takes so much more planning and craft energy. I tried a bunch of different beginnings before deciding on an interesting reason for the memo to be used.

    Thanks for mentioning “Hermit Crab forms of flash fiction” – that sent me into reading about many different forms of flash fiction. Wow. This field is vast.


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