Day 25- #StoryadayMay2021


Someone finds two dates listed on a piece of paper. The dates are in their own handwriting, but they do not know what the dates mean. They have to find out what the dates signify.

Anita G. Gorman is the author of this prompt.


For this prompt I wanted to move beyond the obvious so I wrote down several possibilities for the dates to get past what a reader would expect.

Time travel and warnings were the most prominent in my mind.

I didn’t write about that.

My prompt from Sarah was about writing a scene that doesn’t make any sense. I have been playing with some techniques and this seemed appropriate today since I didn’t know where the story was going when I started.

This happens often. I just start writing and see what happens. It is always more fun for me this way. I wrote and then it wasn’t going anywhere so I left it alone and went to work.

During the day I played with a couple more ideas. I rewrote a new version of another draft.

I felt I wrote around in circles.

I have my PUSH group tonight and we are going to look at a text so maybe something that is more cohesive will come out of the session later this evening!

I still wrote. It is a win.

What did you write today?

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