Day 23- #StoryadayMay2021


Two options today: write a story in the form of a list, OR use this list of words in your story: gallery, contemplated, identity, point, behind, tastes, followed, forty, like, generations.

Julie Duffy is the author of this prompt.


I love a story that is made from a list and written from a list of random words.

In Meg Pokrass’ Flash Gym class yesterday we used a lot of visuals and lists of words to generate stories. This workshop had no chitchat at all. We dove right in when it was time and wrote for an hour and 20 minutes. Some people read or talked about their pieces at the end which was fascinating.

Today’s STAD story was written early in the morning before sunrise. I suppose it could be argued whether it was still night or morning. What do you consider 3:30am?

An unnamed little boy is the main character in my story and as become obsessed with lemons. I often use the lists of words that are given to me in a prompt in order. I am not certain why. Today I consciously used the words backwards from the list order given. He eats everything lemon he can and then grows up to be a painter. Of course the subject of his art is his beloved citrus.

There is something clean about lemons. I have a memory of lemon lollipops for Mr. L in kindergarten. When I started school there was a program called The Letter People that associated all the letters with a story and a song centered around a personified letter of the alphabet. Mr. M had a munchy mouth and ate everything that started with M of course. Mr. H had horrible hair. We grew grass in a styrofoam cup we decorated with a large H. These experiences have stayed with me all these years. I even use the Letter People with my kindergartners now. They were updated several years ago to make them look more modern but the videos are still available on Youtube for some of the letters. There used to be inflatable letter people that we played with on the carpet I remember as well.

Day 23 anchors: lemons, paintings, unnamed boy

visual: lemon tree in the center

What did you write today?

Do you freewrite as part of your writing practice? Let me know in the comments!

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