Day 22- #StoryadayMay2021

Day 22 Prompt


The banging on the cabin’s door is incessant. Your character throws the soufflé into the oven and rushes to open the door. No one is there, but on the floor, they see three antique brass keys and a Tarot card (JUSTICE, MAIDEN OF CUPS, or any other card). Write what happens next.

You can read this prompt and see the picture at

Soleah K. Sadge is the author of this prompt.


There is so much food that keeps appearing in my stories this month! Today I used the Hansel and Gretel tale for inspiration. In my centered call with Sarah Selecky earlier in the week one of my small groups talked about fairy tales and retellings. It is always recommended to reread the original tale. A couple of weeks ago I read the original The Three Bears tale and discovered it was an old woman in the first publication. I love to be inspired by fairy and folk tales anyway.

[Can I tell you I wish these Centered calls were more often than once a month???]

Today’s story ended up being longer than other days due the nature of the prompt. My main character had to figure out what to do with the keys and what they opened. I used part of my dream from last night in order for my main character to figure out what to do with them.

The tarot card is a tool in my writing practice already. [I am working on a class about how I use these visuals as prompts for my writing…stay tuned] I pull cards everyday and have the deck that is in the photo on the Storyaday website. This morning I pulled three cards as I have been doing for weeks and I pulled the Maiden of Cups! I guess that card really needed to be in my story today.

I am a recovering overthinker and the tarot cards allow me to think around something. I can see the visual and approach an issue in a different way than I normally would. They allow me to surprise myself much like freewriting does.

Keys are a personal icon for me as well so this part of the prompt resonated with me. I have a tattoo on my upper back that incorporates a skeleton key.

Day 22 anchors: 3 keys, white stones, purple fire, doorways

What did you write today?

Do you freewrite as part of your writing practice? I am curious so please comment!

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