Day 19 – #StoryadayMay2021


Venture into an unfamiliar thrift shop or antiques market and find an object you’ve never seen before. Even better–one whose function you can only guess! Then, tell a story in which that object plays a key role. Perhaps you can explain how it arrived there; perhaps it’s a lost heirloom or the key to unimaginable power. Or perhaps the object itself isn’t as important as how it brings two strangers together–or sunders a seemingly impenetrable bond.

Michele E. Reisinger is the author of this prompt.


I wrote my story this morning before work in my notebook. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go when I started writing ,but the story took on a life of its own and it moved along for several pages. I am happy with it overall. The title came out of the last part of the story which was a surprise.

The character moves after losing things and her new downtown has a thrift shop she frequents looking for treasures. On this day, she finds something that unlocks a whole new adventure. A box has a hidden treasure inside.

Day 19 anchors: box, lost things, new town

Visual representation: wooden box with a red velvet

My Sarah Selecky community had a call this evening which was delightful and about wonder. Sarah poses questions we write to and then we share out with partners. It is always a fueling conversation. She recommended 3 books which are on my wish list. The prompts were thought provoking. There is only one call per month and I am glad I was able to make it today. The times and days of the week are rotated month to month in order to allow people from all over the world to attend.

What is something you find to be a wonder?

What did you write today?

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