Day 15 – #StoryadayMay


At the midpoint of May, I want you to write a story where your character is half way between one thing and another — at a transition. This can be literal, emotional, or metaphorical.

Julie Duffy is the author of this prompt.


The idea of transitions is not a new concept for a story. When I did my morning writing with my coffee on this Saturday morning nothing was coming to mind that excited me to form into a flash piece. The routine was a bit broken this morning and so I went for my walk early.

I listen to the Qwerty podcast hosted by Marion Roach Smith and her guest for the latest episode was Alexandra Stafford who is a food writer. Her mother had a peasant bread recipe that went viral after Alex finally got permission to share it on her blog. It was her mother and Alex’s “party trick.” because it was always so good. I find the idea fascinating that bread can be a party trick. I am well aware of the idea that certain people are known for brining certain foods to a potluck, carry in at work, etc.

Alexandra has a new cookbook out called Bread Toast Crumbs which has recipes that use the remnants of all those homemade loaves of bread. She created it after her freezer was filled with heels and crumbs and misshaped loaves.

I love bread and in fact it is my favorite food. I used to love to cook and try new recipes. There are a few ideas for stories that I have had in the compost pile that have not found the right fit for a story and today they came out! The idea hit me about a character and I wrote notes while on my walk and I wrote it when I came back home. They were ignited by this podcast.

This May, I have found many ideas that have not had the right fit for so long are clicking into place with these prompts. It is a satisfying feeling when ideas find the stories they are supposed to be in.

The draft is more an essay than a story. I will put some kitchen witch magic into it so it will be more fiction and fun. I will keep thinking on it today and make more notes for the next rewrite.

Day 15 Anchors: Spoons, bread, recipe, transition from recipe follower to nourishing kitchen witch

Visual Representation: Bread in the center, bowls in the corners of the card and swirling spoons. Fire and a hearth

What did you write today?

If you would like to read what I reflected on in Day 1 click here. I have blogged about every day of the challenge so feel free to scroll through the posts. Comments are welcome!

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