Day 13 – #StoryadayMay


Write a story from the perspective of a character that is not a human or other animal.

The character could be something from nature, like a rock or a puddle or a tree, or it could be something built (for example, a lamp or a shoe or a fountain pen).

To consider:

How does your character think? And what do they think about it?

What is most important to them?

What happens to them and how are they able, or not able, to react?

How do they feel about this?

Monique Cuillerier is a science fiction writer living in Ottawa @MoniqueAC


I love a story written from the POV from an object. I think objects have a ton of potential. This is why I love thrift stores…tales tend to stick to old things. You can feel it when you walk in.

I combined Sarah Selecky’s prompt about a crocus with the storyaday one, so my flower is speaking. There is a lot of description but subtle conflict. I want some more transformation for the piece eventually. I did not know much about the flower and learned it is where saffron comes from. The most expensive spice in the world lends itself to conflict somewhere! This plant has some sass and I like it.

From another Storyaday participant I learned about a structure from Japan called Kishōtenketsu. It is a story told in four parts without conflict. There is an unexpected twist. I did some research today, and found it is similar to urban legends. I am realizing through my reading that a lot of what we think about story is just a Western cultural idea. We are taught that stories must have conflict to be a story where in other cultures that is not always the case. I am finding this structure interesting and am glad to know about it now.

I am also researching gothic structure. I am learning more about this style which is a favorite of Nina LaCour. I want to play with the drama and beats of this style.

Lots of writing rabbit holes to fall down.

I was also able to go into my Instagram and type out my #100dayproject sentences. After searching for the document in my drive I panicked when I couldn’t find them. 100 sentences are a lot to lose!

I like many of these sentences and want to use them as story stories for individual stories. Maybe I will use one to start my story tomorrow!

Story 13 anchors: crocus, saffron, expensive

Visual: purple and yellow crocus bursting out of the snow in the center, winter and spring icons as part of the border

What did you write today?

If you would like to read what I reflected on in Day 1 click here. I have blogged about every day of the challenge so feel free to scroll through the posts. Comments are welcome!

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