Day 12 – #StoryadayMay

Today’s prompt is about a story within a story.

THE PROMPT from Storyaday

“One Thousand and Two Arabian Nights.” Story as survival: Your protagonist tells a story within a story in order to avoid some kind of disaster.


I had to read this prompt three times to notice the story within the story part. I haven’t read “One Thousand and Two Arabian Nights” so I looked up stories within stories and found a more apt connection for me: The Neverending Story. That text made more sense to me and now I know what I will be watching later this evening!

My Sarah Selecky prompt is story among the leaves and my original plan was to incorporate this theme in my story. Sarah is also sharing her “Writing through Uncertainty” prompts she published last year and that seemed to work today as well. “Today I discovered something new” is a sentence stem from that prompt.  

The writing from my notebook and PUSH group last night became the heart of the story. I wrote about a notebook my character finds on the train. I have tried writing this story before, or at least a version of it. A search in the google drive provided a freewriting draft of a similar scene. I have moved that document into the Google folder for this month’s storyaday.

I drafted this story on the computer. With the writing from last night being the bulk of the story, I needed the story to come out faster today than I could write it. One of the things I love about handwriting and then transcribing is I get an almost effortless revision as I type. I have found it easier to tighten the language when I transcribe fairly quickly. The idea of what I wanted to write is still fresh in mind this way. Sometimes if too much time goes by I lose my original intention. This is not always a bad thing, just something I have noticed.

Hemingway seems to be on my mind this week, and I remember a story where his wife was visiting him and brought a suitcase of his notebooks but left them behind on a train. This story has always stuck with me. I have no idea if it is true, and frankly, my writer brain doesn’t care! I hope one day to find that suitcase with the notebooks in a thrift store somewhere!

In management news, at the end of last month I moved the past years Storyaday drafts into one folder simply labeled “storyaday”. Some of the past year’s drafts are still preserved in notebooks and have not been transcribed. Google dates and time stamps the documents when I open them anyway.

I like to have the current challenge’s stories all together at the top of my drive since I dip into that folder everyday. If I choose to share my story on Centered, the private Sarah Selecky community, and comments are shared, then I copy and paste them to the bottom of the draft. That way, when I go back to revise I have the commentary right in the same document. Usually lines of note are highlighted and general feelings about stories. Many of my drafts have a dream like or surreal quality since I like to read and write that type of story. It is always interesting to hear other people’s take on a story created that day.

What did you write today?

If you would like to read what I reflected on in Day 1 click here. I have blogged about every day of the challenge so feel free to scroll through the posts. Comments are welcome!

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One thought on “Day 12 – #StoryadayMay

  1. Oooh… I really like this one! I love stories within stories, plays within plays… all things within things. I’m most definitely giving this one a try.

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