Day 11 – #StoryadayMay

Today’s prompt is 100 words


Write a story in exactly 100 words.

For the #100dayproject last year my friend wrote essays of exactly 100 words. She got so good at it often she would produce a first draft of the exact word count.

I often use writing I love as a springboard for my own. Today influenced by Sarah Selecky’s prompt I looked a scene from Hemingway in A Moveable Feast to inspire me. It is a simple scene that he is eating oranges and chestnuts in front of a fire.

I did write two other 100 word stories about spooning and a horoscope like story as well.

What did you write today?

If you would like to read what I reflected on in Day 1 click here.

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4 thoughts on “Day 11 – #StoryadayMay

  1. Love it, Tammy! I took a picture of a boardwalk in the marsh from my camera roll and wrote 100 words. I had to play around with it up and down to get it perfectly on the spot, but I love the process

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